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type Collector

type Collector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Collector manages and provides container resource stats

func NewCollector

func NewCollector(supervisor supervisor, interval time.Duration) *Collector

NewCollector creates a stats collector that will poll the supervisor with the specified interval

func (*Collector) Collect

func (s *Collector) Collect(c *container.Container) chan interface{}

Collect registers the container with the collector and adds it to the event loop for collection on the specified interval returning a channel for the subscriber to receive on.

func (*Collector) Run

func (s *Collector) Run()

Run starts the collectors and will indefinitely collect stats from the supervisor

func (*Collector) StopCollection

func (s *Collector) StopCollection(c *container.Container)

StopCollection closes the channels for all subscribers and removes the container from metrics collection.

func (*Collector) Unsubscribe

func (s *Collector) Unsubscribe(c *container.Container, ch chan interface{})

Unsubscribe removes a specific subscriber from receiving updates for a container's stats.