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type AreaMapping

type AreaMapping struct {
	Area    image.Rectangle
	Content *RenderableDomElement

type BoxBorder

type BoxBorder struct {
	Color color.Color
	Style string

type BoxBorders

type BoxBorders struct {
	Top    BoxBorder
	Bottom BoxBorder
	Left   BoxBorder
	Right  BoxBorder

type BoxMargin

type BoxMargin BoxOffset

type BoxMargins

type BoxMargins struct {
	Top    BoxMargin
	Bottom BoxMargin
	Left   BoxMargin
	Right  BoxMargin

type BoxOffset

type BoxOffset struct {
	Width int

type BoxPadding

type BoxPadding BoxOffset

type BoxPaddings

type BoxPaddings struct {
	Top    BoxPadding
	Bottom BoxPadding
	Left   BoxPadding
	Right  BoxPadding

type DynamicMemoryDrawer

type DynamicMemoryDrawer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDynamicMemoryDrawer

func NewDynamicMemoryDrawer(r image.Rectangle) *DynamicMemoryDrawer

func (*DynamicMemoryDrawer) At

func (d *DynamicMemoryDrawer) At(x, y int) color.Color

func (*DynamicMemoryDrawer) Bounds

func (d *DynamicMemoryDrawer) Bounds() image.Rectangle

func (*DynamicMemoryDrawer) ColorModel

func (d *DynamicMemoryDrawer) ColorModel() color.Model

func (*DynamicMemoryDrawer) GrowBounds

func (d *DynamicMemoryDrawer) GrowBounds(r image.Rectangle)

func (*DynamicMemoryDrawer) Set

func (d *DynamicMemoryDrawer) Set(x, y int, c color.Color)

type FloatStack

type FloatStack []*RenderableDomElement

    A FloatStack represents the floating elements that haven't yet been cleared. There's generally two FloatStacks, one for the left elements, and one for the right elements. Once dot advances past the FloatStack, they're removed from the stack.

    func (FloatStack) ClearFloats

    func (f FloatStack) ClearFloats(dot image.Point) FloatStack

      Remove any floats that are past dot from the float stack and return the floats that have not yet been cleared.

      func (FloatStack) MaxX

      func (f FloatStack) MaxX(loc image.Point) int

        MaxX returns the highest X coordinate in the FloatStack, at height loc. This is mostly used to get the left edge of left floats at a certain height.

        func (FloatStack) NextFloatHeight

        func (f FloatStack) NextFloatHeight() int

        func (FloatStack) WidthAt

        func (f FloatStack) WidthAt(loc image.Point) int

        type ImageMap

        type ImageMap []AreaMapping

        func NewImageMap

        func NewImageMap() ImageMap

        func (*ImageMap) Add

        func (imap *ImageMap) Add(el *RenderableDomElement, location image.Rectangle)

        func (ImageMap) At

        func (imap ImageMap) At(x, y int) *RenderableDomElement

        type Page

        type Page struct {
        	Content    *RenderableDomElement
        	Background color.Color
        	URL        *url.URL
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Represents a page to be rendered

          func LoadPage

          func LoadPage(r io.Reader, loader net.URLReader, urlContext *url.URL) Page

            Parses an io.Reader into a Page object.

            func (*Page) ReapplyStyles

            func (p *Page) ReapplyStyles()

            type RenderableDomElement

            type RenderableDomElement struct {
            	Styles            *css.StyledElement
            	ConditionalStyles struct {
            		Unconditional          *css.StyledElement
            		FirstLine, FirstLetter *css.StyledElement
            	Parent      *RenderableDomElement
            	FirstChild  *RenderableDomElement
            	NextSibling *RenderableDomElement
            	PrevSibling *RenderableDomElement
            	CSSOuterBox    image.Image
            	ContentOverlay image.Image
            	// The location within the parent to draw the OverlayedContent
            	//DrawRectangle    image.Rectangle
            	//BoxOrigin        image.Point
            	BoxDrawRectangle    image.Rectangle
            	BoxContentRectangle image.Rectangle
            	ImageMap     ImageMap
            	PageLocation *url.URL
            	State css.State
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            func (*RenderableDomElement) FontVariant

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) FontVariant() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBackgroundColor

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBackgroundColor() color.Color

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetBackgroundImage

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetBackgroundImage() image.Image

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetBackgroundRepeat

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetBackgroundRepeat() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderBottomColor

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderBottomColor() color.Color

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderBottomStyle

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderBottomStyle() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderBottomWidth

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderBottomWidth() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderLeftColor

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderLeftColor() color.Color

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderLeftStyle

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderLeftStyle() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderLeftWidth

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderLeftWidth() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderRightColor

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderRightColor() color.Color

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderRightStyle

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderRightStyle() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderRightWidth

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderRightWidth() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderTopColor

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderTopColor() color.Color

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderTopStyle

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderTopStyle() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetBorderTopWidth

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetBorderTopWidth() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetColor

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetColor() color.Color

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetContainerWidth

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetContainerWidth(containerWidth int) int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetDisplayProp

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetDisplayProp() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetFloat

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetFloat() string

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetFontFace

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetFontFace(fsize int) font.Face

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetFontFamily

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetFontFamily() css.FontFamily

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetFontSize

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetFontSize() int

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetFontStyle

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetFontStyle() font.Style

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetFontWeight

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetFontWeight() font.Weight

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetHeight

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetHeight() int

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetLineHeight

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetLineHeight() int

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetListStyleType

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetListStyleType() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetMarginBottomSize

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetMarginBottomSize() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetMarginLeftSize

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetMarginLeftSize() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetMarginRightSize

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetMarginRightSize() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetMarginTopSize

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetMarginTopSize() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetMaxHeight

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetMaxHeight() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetMaxWidth

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetMaxWidth() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetMinHeight

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetMinHeight() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetMinWidth

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetMinWidth() int

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetOverflow

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetOverflow() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetPaddingBottom

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetPaddingBottom() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetPaddingLeft

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetPaddingLeft() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetPaddingRight

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetPaddingRight() int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetPaddingTop

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetPaddingTop() int

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetTextDecoration

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetTextDecoration() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetTextIndent

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetTextIndent(containerWidth int) int

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetTextTransform

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetTextTransform() string

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetVerticalAlign

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetVerticalAlign() string

            func (*RenderableDomElement) GetWhiteSpace

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) GetWhiteSpace() string

            func (RenderableDomElement) GetWidth

            func (e RenderableDomElement) GetWidth() int

            func (*RenderableDomElement) InvalidateLayout

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) InvalidateLayout()

            func (*RenderableDomElement) Layout

            func (e *RenderableDomElement) Layout(ctx context.Context, viewportSize image.Point) error

              Lays out the element into a viewport of size viewportSize.

              func (*RenderableDomElement) RenderInto

              func (e *RenderableDomElement) RenderInto(ctx context.Context, dst draw.Image, cursor image.Point) error

              func (RenderableDomElement) String

              func (e RenderableDomElement) String() string

              func (*RenderableDomElement) Walk

              func (e *RenderableDomElement) Walk(callback func(*RenderableDomElement))

              type Renderer

              type Renderer interface {
              	// Lays out an element in preparation for rendering
              	Layout(ctx context.Context, viewportSize image.Point) error
              	// Draws the element into dst, scrolled so that the top left of the
              	// image is at cursor. Layout must be called before RenderInto.
              	RenderInto(ctx context.Context, dst draw.Image, cursor image.Point) error

                A RenderableElement is something that can be rendered to an image.