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type Buildfile

type Buildfile struct {

func New

func New() *Buildfile

func (*Buildfile) WriteCmd

func (b *Buildfile) WriteCmd(command string)

WriteCmd writes a command to the build file. The command will be echoed back as a base16 encoded command so that it can be parsed and appended to the build output

func (*Buildfile) WriteCmdSilent

func (b *Buildfile) WriteCmdSilent(command string)

WriteCmdSilent writes a command to the build file but does not echo the command.

func (*Buildfile) WriteComment

func (b *Buildfile) WriteComment(comment string)

WriteComment adds a comment to the build file. This is really only used internally for debugging purposes.

func (*Buildfile) WriteEnv

func (b *Buildfile) WriteEnv(key, value string)

WriteEnv exports the environment variable as part of the script. The environment variables are not echoed back to the console, and are kept private by default.

func (*Buildfile) WriteHost

func (b *Buildfile) WriteHost(mapping string)

WriteHost adds an entry to the /etc/hosts file.

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