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The GoPiGo is a delightful and complete robot for the Raspberry Pi that turns your Pi into a fully operating robot. GoPiGo is a mobile robotic platform for the Raspberry Pi developed by Dexter Industries.


This repository contains Go library for interacting with the GoPiGo robot. This is a port of python library of GoPiGo in Go language.

Getting Started

Get the source with: go get -d -u

Simple example
package main

import (

  _ ""

func main() {
  if err := embd.InitI2C(); err != nil {
  defer embd.CloseI2C()

  bus := embd.NewI2CBus(1)

  // create GoPiGo instance.
  gp := gopigo.New(bus)

  // move GoPiGo forward by 40 cms
  err := gp.fwd(40)

  // move GoPiGo backward
  err = gp.Bwd(0)

  // make GoPiGo stop
  err = gp.Stop()

  // make GoPiGo take Left turn
  err = gp.Left()

  // make GoPiGo take right turn
  err = gp.Right()

  // Read Battery level of GoPiGo
  volt, err := gp.BatteryVoltage()


API Documentation

API documentation is available at


Special Thanks to Dexter Industries for providing GoPiGo kit for the development.

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package gopigo implements APIs to control a GoPiGo robot. This package has been tested using Raspberry PI 3. If you have any trouble using it with older version of PIs, report it in Github issues.



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type GoPiGo

type GoPiGo struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GoPiGo represents a GoPiGo device.

func New

func New(bus embd.I2CBus) *GoPiGo

New instantiates GoPiGo devices given I2C bus device.

func (*GoPiGo) BatteryVoltage

func (p *GoPiGo) BatteryVoltage() (volt float32, err error)

BatteryVoltage returns the Battery Voltage reading.

func (*GoPiGo) Bwd

func (p *GoPiGo) Bwd(distance int) error

Bwd moves the GoPiGo backwards. It takes distance in cms as input. If distance is 0, it moves backward without stopping.

func (*GoPiGo) DecreaseSpeed

func (p *GoPiGo) DecreaseSpeed() error

DecreaseSpeed slows down GoPiGo by speed of 10.

func (*GoPiGo) DirectMotor1

func (p *GoPiGo) DirectMotor1(direction, speed byte) error

DirectMotor1 sets the direction and speed of motor1.

func (*GoPiGo) DirectMotor2

func (p *GoPiGo) DirectMotor2(direction, speed byte) error

DirectMotor2 sets the direction and speed of motor2.

func (*GoPiGo) DisableEncoders

func (p *GoPiGo) DisableEncoders() error

DisableEncoders disables encoders.

func (*GoPiGo) EnableEncoders

func (p *GoPiGo) EnableEncoders() error

EnableEncoders enables the encoders (enabled by default).

func (*GoPiGo) Fwd

func (p *GoPiGo) Fwd(distance int) error

Fwd moves the GoPiGo forward. It takes distance in cms as input. If specified 0, it moves forward without stopping.

func (*GoPiGo) IncreaseSpeed

func (p *GoPiGo) IncreaseSpeed() error

IncreaseSpeed bumps up the motor's speed by 10.

func (*GoPiGo) Left

func (p *GoPiGo) Left() error

Left turns GoPiGo left slowly.

func (*GoPiGo) LeftRotate

func (p *GoPiGo) LeftRotate() error

LeftRotate turns GoPiGo left more aggresively by rotating both the wheels in reverse direction.

func (*GoPiGo) Right

func (p *GoPiGo) Right() error

Right turns GoPiGo to the right slowly.

func (*GoPiGo) RightRotate

func (p *GoPiGo) RightRotate() error

RightRotate turns GoPiGo to the right aggresively.

func (*GoPiGo) Stop

func (p *GoPiGo) Stop() error

Stop stops the GoPiGo devices (if its in motion).

func (*GoPiGo) TurnLeft

func (p *GoPiGo) TurnLeft(degrees float64) error

TurnLeft turns GoPiGo left by specified degrees.

func (*GoPiGo) TurnRight

func (p *GoPiGo) TurnRight(degrees float64) error

TurnRight turns GoPiGo to the right by specified angle in degrees.

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