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Dynatrace Terraform Provider


Using the provider

If you want to run Terraform with the dynatrace provider plugin on your system, add the plug-in provider to the Terraform configuration file.

terraform {
    required_providers {
        dynatrace = {
            version = "1.11.1"
            source = "dynatrace-oss/dynatrace"

In order to configure the provider, add a code section like this into your Terraform configuration file

    provider "dynatrace" {
        dt_env_url   = "https://#######.live.dynatrace.com"
        dt_api_token = "##########################################"

where dt_env_url represents the URL of your Dynatrace Environment and dt_api_token needs to be an API Token with the permissions Read configuration and Capture request data.

Currently supported configuration settings

  • Dashboards
  • Management Zones
  • Custom Services
  • Request Attributes
  • Alerting Profiles
  • Problem Notifiations
  • Auto Tag Configuration
  • Kubernetes Credentials
  • AWS Credentials
  • Azure Credentials
  • Maintenance Windows
  • Service Level Objectives
  • Service Naming
  • Host Naming
  • Process Group Naming
  • Calculated Service Metrics

Using API Parameters not supported by this module

By default, this terraform provider also includes an 'unknowns' operator for configuring properties that are not yet explicitly supported by this provider

To use this, simply pass a jsonencoded list of key-value parameters you want the provider to also manage via API call

    resource "dynatrace_k8s_credentials" "k8s_integration" {
        unkowns = jsonencode("activeGateGroup"="myactivegategroup.nonp")

Exporting existing configuration from a Dynatrace Environment

In addition to acting as a Terraform Provider Plugin the executable terraform-provider-dynatrace (terraform-provider-dynatrace.exe on Windows) can also get directly invoked. The utility then reaches out to the Dynatrace Environment specified by the command line arguments and fetches all currently supported configuration items. These results will then automatically get transformed into HCL (the configuration language to be used for .tf files) and places each configuration item into its own .tf file).

Command Line Syntax

Invoking the export functionality requires

  • The environment varibale DYNATRACE_ENV_URL as the URL of your Dynatrace Environment
  • The environment variable DYNATRACE_API_TOKEN as the API Token with the following permissions:
    • Read configuration
    • Capture request data
    • Read SLO
    • Read settings
    • Read synthetic monitors, locations, and nodes
  • Optinonally the environment variable DYNATRACE_TARGET_FOLDER. If it's not set, the output folder ./configuration is assumed

terraform-provider-dynatrace.exe export *[<resourcename>[=<id>]]


./terraform-provider-dynatrace export *[<resourcename>[=<id>]]

Usage Examples
  • ./terraform-provider-dynatrace export downloads all available configuration settings
  • ./terraform-provider-dynatrace export dynatrace_dashboard downloads all available dashboards
  • ./terraform-provider-dynatrace export dynatrace_dashboard dynatrace_slo downloads all available dashboards and all available SLOs
  • ./terraform-provider-dynatrace export dynatrace_dashboard=4f5942d4-3450-40a8-818f-c5faeb3563d0 downloads only the dashboard with the id 4f5942d4-3450-40a8-818f-c5faeb3563d0
  • ./terraform-provider-dynatrace export dynatrace_dashboard=4f5942d4-3450-40a8-818f-c5faeb3563d0 dynatrace_dashboard=9c4b75f1-9a64-4b44-a8e4-149154fd5325 downloads only the dashboards with the ids 4f5942d4-3450-40a8-818f-c5faeb3563d0 and 9c4b75f1-9a64-4b44-a8e4-149154fd5325
  • ./terraform-provider-dynatrace export dynatrace_slo dynatrace_dashboard=4f5942d4-3450-40a8-818f-c5faeb3563d0 dynatrace_dashboard=9c4b75f1-9a64-4b44-a8e4-149154fd5325 downloads all available SLOs and only the dashboards with the ids 4f5942d4-3450-40a8-818f-c5faeb3563d0 and `9c4b75f1-9a64-4b44-a8e4-149154fd5


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