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Package to parse a tag.

Tags are annotation with struct fields, that allow for some elegant solutions for different problems. Examples are validation and alike. This is an example on what that might look like:

type Example struct {
	AField string `tagName1:"tagValue1" tagName2:"tagValue2"`

As the syntax is somewhat weird and the tag interface only supports a getter, this tag parser was written. It will use go's tag parser to retrieve the tag for a given prefix, parse the value, and return a map of strings to strings. Keys and values are separated by an equal sign '=', values might be quoted using single quotes "'", and key-value pairs are separated using whitespace.



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func Parse

func Parse(field reflect.StructField, prefix string, customHander func(string) (string, string, error)) (result map[string]string, e error)

Parse tag with the given prefix of the given field. Return a map of strings to strings. If errors occur they are returned accordingly.

func ParseCustom

func ParseCustom(field reflect.StructField, prefix string, customF CustomSplitter) (result map[string]string, e error)

Like Parse, but with a custom splitter used for tag values that don't have the form `key=value`.


type CustomSplitter

type CustomSplitter func(string) (string, string, error)

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