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Google Cloud Spanner


The DSN must be given in the following format.


See Google Spanner Documentation for details.

Param WithInstance Config Description
x-migrations-table MigrationsTable Name of the migrations table
url DatabaseName The full path to the Spanner database resource. If provided as part of Config it must not contain a scheme or query string to match the format projects/{projectId}/instances/{instanceId}/databases/{databaseName}
projectId The Google Cloud Platform project id
instanceId The id of the instance running Spanner
databaseName The name of the Spanner database

Note: Google Cloud Spanner migrations can take a considerable amount of time. The migrations provided as part of the example take about 6 minutes to run on a small instance.

1481574547/u create_users_table (21.354507597s)
1496539702/u add_city_to_users (41.647359754s)
1496601752/u add_index_on_user_emails (2m12.155787369s)
1496602638/u create_books_table (2m30.77299181s)


To unit test the spanner driver, SPANNER_DATABASE needs to be set. You'll need to sign-up to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and have a running Spanner instance since it is not possible to run Google Spanner outside GCP.




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const DefaultMigrationsTable = "SchemaMigrations"

DefaultMigrationsTable is used if no custom table is specified


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var (
	ErrNilConfig      = fmt.Errorf("no config")
	ErrNoDatabaseName = fmt.Errorf("no database name")
	ErrNoSchema       = fmt.Errorf("no schema")
	ErrDatabaseDirty  = fmt.Errorf("database is dirty")

Driver errors


func WithInstance

func WithInstance(instance *DB, config *Config) (database.Driver, error)

WithInstance implements database.Driver


type Config

type Config struct {
	MigrationsTable string
	DatabaseName    string

Config used for a Spanner instance

type DB

type DB struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Spanner

type Spanner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Spanner implements database.Driver for Google Cloud Spanner

func (*Spanner) Close

func (s *Spanner) Close() error

Close implements database.Driver

func (*Spanner) Drop

func (s *Spanner) Drop() error

Drop implements database.Driver. Retrieves the database schema first and creates statements to drop the indexes and tables accordingly. Note: The drop statements are created in reverse order to how they're provided in the schema. Assuming the schema describes how the database can be "build up", it seems logical to "unbuild" the database simply by going the opposite direction. More testing

func (*Spanner) Lock

func (s *Spanner) Lock() error

Lock implements database.Driver but doesn't do anything because Spanner only enqueues the UpdateDatabaseDdlRequest.

func (*Spanner) Open

func (s *Spanner) Open(url string) (database.Driver, error)

Open implements database.Driver

func (*Spanner) Run

func (s *Spanner) Run(migration io.Reader) error

Run implements database.Driver

func (*Spanner) SetVersion

func (s *Spanner) SetVersion(version int, dirty bool) error

SetVersion implements database.Driver

func (*Spanner) Unlock

func (s *Spanner) Unlock() error

Unlock implements database.Driver but no action required, see Lock.

func (*Spanner) Version

func (s *Spanner) Version() (version int, dirty bool, err error)

Version implements database.Driver

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