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func GetMgoValue

func GetMgoValue(d tk.M, fieldName string) interface{}

func PrepareConnection

func PrepareConnection() (dbox.IConnection, error)


type BaseController

type BaseController struct {
	Ctx                  *orm.DataContext
	LatestData           LatestData
	RefTurbines          tk.M
	RefAlarms            tk.M
	CapacityPerMonth     map[string]float64
	TotalTurbinePerMonth map[string]float64
	ProjectList          []ProjectOut
	Log                  *tk.LogEngine
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*BaseController) CloseDb

func (b *BaseController) CloseDb()

func (*BaseController) Delete

func (b *BaseController) Delete(m orm.IModel, id interface{}, column_name ...string) error

func (*BaseController) GetById

func (b *BaseController) GetById(m orm.IModel, id interface{}, column_name ...string) error

func (*BaseController) GetDataSource

func (b *BaseController) GetDataSource(dataSourceFolder string) ([]os.FileInfo, string)

func (*BaseController) GetDataSourceDirect

func (b *BaseController) GetDataSourceDirect(dataSourceFolder string) ([]os.FileInfo, string)

func (*BaseController) GetLatest

func (b *BaseController) GetLatest(collection string, project string, turbine string) (latest time.Time)

func (*BaseController) GetProjectList

func (b *BaseController) GetProjectList()

func (*BaseController) GetTurbineScada

func (b *BaseController) GetTurbineScada()

func (*BaseController) Insert

func (b *BaseController) Insert(result []tk.M, m orm.IModel, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

func (*BaseController) InsertBulk

func (b *BaseController) InsertBulk(result []tk.M, m orm.IModel, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

func (*BaseController) PrepareDataReff

func (b *BaseController) PrepareDataReff()

func (*BaseController) SetCollectionLatestTime

func (b *BaseController) SetCollectionLatestTime()

func (*BaseController) Truncate

func (b *BaseController) Truncate(m orm.IModel) error

func (*BaseController) Update

func (b *BaseController) Update(m orm.IModel, id interface{}, column_name ...string) error

func (*BaseController) WriteLog

func (b *BaseController) WriteLog(msg interface{})

type IBaseController

type IBaseController interface {

type LatestData

type LatestData struct {
	Alarm             []TurbineLatest
	EventDown         []TurbineLatest
	ScadaData         []TurbineLatest
	ScadaDataOEM      []TurbineLatest
	ScadaSummaryDaily []TurbineLatest

	MapAlarm             map[string]time.Time
	MapEventDown         map[string]time.Time
	MapScadaData         map[string]time.Time
	MapScadaDataOEM      map[string]time.Time
	MapScadaSummaryDaily map[string]time.Time

type TurbineLatest

type TurbineLatest struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

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