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Package kgstats fetches and caches runtime statistics about the cluster and dataset.



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type FetchStats

type FetchStats func(ctx context.Context) (planner.Stats, error)

FetchStats collects the latest statistics from the views. Upon success, it returns the statistics (must be non-nil). Otherwise, it returns a context error or some other transient error.

type Fetcher

type Fetcher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Fetcher periodically collects stats and caches them.

func NewFetcher

func NewFetcher(fetchStats FetchStats) *Fetcher

NewFetcher constructs a new Fetcher. The caller should subsequently call Run.

func (*Fetcher) Last

func (fetcher *Fetcher) Last(ctx context.Context) (planner.Stats, error)

Last blocks until any stats are available, then returns the latest cached stats. Upon success, it returns stats (non-nil) that are likely somewhat stale. The returned stats object is shared, so it should be treated as immutable. Otherwise, Last returns a context error.

func (*Fetcher) Run

func (fetcher *Fetcher) Run(ctx context.Context)

Run is a long-running blocking call that periodically updates the Fetcher's statistics. It exits once ctx is closed.

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