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It's a very simple meeting room booking system written by go language for learning.


  • go >= 1.13 (must)
  • curl (must)
  • unzip (must)
  • GNU Make (must)
go get github.com/ecator/gomeeting
cd ~/go/src/github.com/ecator/gomeeting

Now the bin/gomeeting is generated and you can run it.


  • MySQL(MariaDB) (must)
    • Now it's only support mysql
  • A modern browser (must Chrome or Firefox)
Start Server

If you are firstly running gomeeting you must install MySQL and create a database named gomeeting.

Creating the databse and tables are very simple, you just run this.

mysql -u user -p password < script/create.sql

The user and password is used to login to your local mysql service. It's recommended the database can be only accessed locally. And the tables user org room meeting will be also created.

To run it must have a configuration file named config.yml.There is a template and you can use it.

mv config.yml.sample config.yml

The file is also very simple because it's only related to the database and ldap.

Like this !

  host: "localhost"
  port: 3306
  user: "user"
  password: "password"
  enable: false
  addr: ""
  baseDN: "cn=users,dc=test,dc=local"
  level: 10
  orgID: 100
    name: "displayName"
    email: "mail"

It will use that to connect to mysql so be careful.

If you want to use ldap, set the ldap.enable to true. It can't support TLS now.

The ldap.orgID will insert into usertable as org_idfield to mark as a ldap user. So you should add a ldap org like this.

INSERT INTO org(id, name) VALUES (100,"ldap")

The ldap.attrMapKey can use below to decide which attribute mapping name and email of usertable.

ldapsearch -x -b "cn=username,cn=users,dc=test,dc=local" -h -p 389 -D "cn=username,cn=users,dc=test,dc=local" -w "password"

Now you can run bin/gomeeting -a to start the server.The -a option makes sure you can access this service from remote,otherwise it only listens on local.You can run bin/gomeeting -h for more details.

Usage of bin/gomeeting:
  -a string
    	The listen address (default "localhost")
  -c string
    	The config file (default "config.yml")
  -f string
    	The assets folder includes html/css/js (default "assets")
  -h	Show usage
  -l string
    	The log file (default "server.log")
  -p uint
    	The listen port (default 7728)

The script/create.sql will add a root user for managing the service. So you can open http://server_ip:7728 and login as root using username:root;password:root easily.

Otherwise there is another way to manage the service with no ui. You can use RESTful APIs directly within the super token.

Like this.

curl -X GET --cookie='auth=xxxx' localhost:7728/api/user/1000

The above will get the information of the user whose id is 1000.

The super token will displayed when server is started successfully, so it will change everytime.

There are same scripts you can use in the script folder.

# You must export same environment variables
export GOMEETING_HOST=localhost:7728
export GOMEETING_TOKEN=xxxxx

# Add a new user
script/user.sh add 'username=test&password=123&level=10&org_id=1000&name=Martin&email=mail@example.com'
# Delete the user whose id is 1000
script/user.sh del 1000
# Modify the user's password whose is is 1000
script/user.sh mod 1000 'password=123'
# Get the information of user whose id is 1000
script/user.sh get 1000

# Add a new room named roo1
script/room.sh add name=room1
# Delete the room which id is 1000
script/room.sh del 1000
# Modify the room name of id 1000
script/room.sh mod 1000 name=room3
# Get the information of room which id is 1000
script/room.sh get 1000

# Add a new org named roo1
script/org.sh add name=org1
# Delete the org which id is 1000
script/org.sh del 1000
# Modify the org name of id 1000
script/org.sh mod 1000 name=org3
# Get the information of org which id is 1000
script/org.sh get 1000

After you add same user org room, open http://server_ip:7728 and have fun!



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