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Published: Sep 3, 2015 License: Apache-2.0


Running Examples

The quickest way to start experimenting with dex is to run a single dex-worker locally, with an in-process database, and then interacting with it using the example programs in this directory.

Build Everything and Start dex-worker

This section is required for both the Example App and the Example CLI.

  1. Build everything:

  2. Copy the various example configurations.

    cp static/fixtures/connectors.json.sample static/fixtures/connectors.json
    cp static/fixtures/users.json.sample static/fixtures/users.json
    cp static/fixtures/emailer.json.sample static/fixtures/emailer.json
  3. Run dex_worker in local mode.

    ./bin/dex-worker --no-db &

Example App

  1. Build and run example app webserver, pointing the discovery URL to local Dex, and supplying the client information from ./static/fixtures/clients.json into the flags.

    ./bin/example-app --client-id=XXX --client-secret=secrete --discovery= &
  2. Navigate browser to http://localhost:5555 and click "login" link

  3. Click "Login with Local"

  4. Enter in sample credentials from static/fixtures/connectors.json:

    email: elroy77@example.com
    password: bones
  5. Observe user information in example app.

Example CLI



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