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func NewLocal

func NewLocal(s *Service) shimapi.ShimService

NewLocal returns a shim client implementation for issue commands to a shim


type Config

type Config struct {
	Path          string
	Namespace     string
	WorkDir       string
	Criu          string
	RuntimeRoot   string
	SystemdCgroup bool

Config contains shim specific configuration

type Service

type Service struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Service is the shim implementation of a remote shim over GRPC

func NewService

func NewService(config Config, publisher events.Publisher) (*Service, error)

NewService returns a new shim service that can be used via GRPC

func (*Service) Checkpoint

Checkpoint the container

func (*Service) CloseIO

func (s *Service) CloseIO(ctx context.Context, r *shimapi.CloseIORequest) (*ptypes.Empty, error)

CloseIO of a process

func (*Service) Create

Create a new initial process and container with the underlying OCI runtime

func (*Service) Delete

func (s *Service) Delete(ctx context.Context, r *ptypes.Empty) (*shimapi.DeleteResponse, error)

Delete the initial process and container

func (*Service) DeleteProcess

DeleteProcess deletes an exec'd process

func (*Service) Exec

Exec an additional process inside the container

func (*Service) Kill

func (s *Service) Kill(ctx context.Context, r *shimapi.KillRequest) (*ptypes.Empty, error)

Kill a process with the provided signal

func (*Service) ListPids

ListPids returns all pids inside the container

func (*Service) Pause

func (s *Service) Pause(ctx context.Context, r *ptypes.Empty) (*ptypes.Empty, error)

Pause the container

func (*Service) ResizePty

func (s *Service) ResizePty(ctx context.Context, r *shimapi.ResizePtyRequest) (*ptypes.Empty, error)

ResizePty of a process

func (*Service) Resume

func (s *Service) Resume(ctx context.Context, r *ptypes.Empty) (*ptypes.Empty, error)

Resume the container

func (*Service) ShimInfo

func (s *Service) ShimInfo(ctx context.Context, r *ptypes.Empty) (*shimapi.ShimInfoResponse, error)

ShimInfo returns shim information such as the shim's pid

func (*Service) Start

Start a process

func (*Service) State

State returns runtime state information for a process

func (*Service) Update

Update a running container

func (*Service) Wait

Wait for a process to exit


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