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Published: Mar 4, 2023 License: MPL-2.0


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API client library for written in Go

Warning The API is still in development, and endpoints are subject to change. This may cause the client to break unexpectedly.


To install this module:

go get

To import:

import (

Create a new client:

c, err := omglol.NewClient(email, api_key)

Use a method:

a, err := c.GetAccountInfo()

See test files for further examples.

Supported Features

This project is a work-in-progress, see the following table for supported features:

Resource Sub-Resource Method Supported
Account Info GET ✔️
Addresses GET ✔️
Name GET ✔️
Sessions GET ✔️
Settings GET ✔️
Address Availability GET ✔️
Expiration GET ✔️
Info GET ✔️
Directory List GET ✔️
DNS ListRecords GET ✔️
FilterRecord* GET ✔️
Create POST ✔️
Update PATCH ✔️
Delete DELETE ✔️
Email Retrieve GET ✔️
Set POST ✔️
PURL List GET ✔️
Retrieve GET ✔️
Create POST ✔️
Delete DELETE ✔️
Paste List GET ✔️
Retrieve GET ✔️
Create POST ✔️
Delete DELETE ✔️

Note Features marked with a * are additional to what the API provides


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