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Package estransport provides the transport layer for the Elasticsearch client.

It is automatically included in the client provided by the package and is not intended for direct use: to configure the client, use the elasticsearch.Config struct.

At the moment, the implementation is rather minimal: the client takes a slice of url.URL pointers, and round-robins across them when performing the request.

The default HTTP transport of the client is http.Transport.



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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client represents the HTTP client.

func New

func New(cfg Config) *Client

New creates new HTTP client.

http.DefaultTransport will be used if no transport is passed in the configuration.

func (*Client) Perform

func (c *Client) Perform(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

Perform executes the request and returns a response or error.

func (*Client) URLs

func (c *Client) URLs() []*url.URL

URLs returns a list of transport URLs.

type Config

type Config struct {
	URLs      []*url.URL
	Transport http.RoundTripper

Config represents the configuration of HTTP client.

type Interface

type Interface interface {
	Perform(*http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

Interface defines the interface for HTTP client.

type RoundRobinSelector

type RoundRobinSelector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RoundRobinSelector implements a round-robin selection strategy.

func NewRoundRobinSelector

func NewRoundRobinSelector(urls ...*url.URL) *RoundRobinSelector

NewRoundRobinSelector creates a new RoundRobinSelector.

func (*RoundRobinSelector) Select

func (r *RoundRobinSelector) Select() (*url.URL, error)

Select returns a URL or error from the list of URLs in a round-robin fashion.

type Selector

type Selector interface {
	Select() (*url.URL, error)

Selector defines the interface for selecting URLs for performing request.

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