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func IsAuthenticationError

func IsAuthenticationError(err error) bool

IsAuthenticationError checks if given error is know auth error.

func NewAuthRefreshDriver

func NewAuthRefreshDriver(d driver.Driver, a AuthProvider) driver.Driver

NewAuthRefreshDriver wraps given sql.Driver and uses AuthLoader to fetch new DNS in case of auth error.


type AuthProvider

type AuthProvider interface {
	DSN() (string, error)
	IsAuthErr(error) bool

AuthProvider is used for refreshing DB credentials.

type AuthRefreshDriver

type AuthRefreshDriver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AuthRefreshDriver wraps a sql.Driver with automatic credentials reloading.

func (*AuthRefreshDriver) Connect

func (d *AuthRefreshDriver) Connect(ctx context.Context) (driver.Conn, error)

Connect call's driver.Open which automatically refreshes credentials on Auth error.

func (*AuthRefreshDriver) Driver

func (d *AuthRefreshDriver) Driver() driver.Driver

Driver return pointer to itself.

func (*AuthRefreshDriver) Open

func (d *AuthRefreshDriver) Open(_ string) (conn driver.Conn, err error)

Open tries opening new connection and automatically refreshes credentials on Auth error.

func (*AuthRefreshDriver) OpenConnector

func (d *AuthRefreshDriver) OpenConnector(_ string) (driver.Connector, error)

OpenConnector return pointer to driver itself which implements also driver.Connector.

type BuildAuthTokenFn

type BuildAuthTokenFn func(ctx context.Context,
	endpoint, region, dbUser string,
	creds aws.CredentialsProvider,
	optFns ...func(options *auth.BuildAuthTokenOptions)) (string, error)

type IAMAuth

type IAMAuth struct {
	Host, DBUser, DBPassword, DBRegion, SSLMode, DBName string
	Port                                                int
	BuildAuthToken                                      BuildAuthTokenFn

IAMAuth implements AuthProvider and generates IAM DB credentials.

func (*IAMAuth) DSN

func (i *IAMAuth) DSN() (string, error)

DSN will trigger reparsing of configuration and return DSN or an error.

func (*IAMAuth) IsAuthErr

func (*IAMAuth) IsAuthErr(err error) bool

IsAuthErr checks if given error is know auth error.

func (*IAMAuth) RefreshPassword

func (i *IAMAuth) RefreshPassword() error

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