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type AuthController

type AuthController struct {

AuthController implements the auth resource.

func NewAuthController

func NewAuthController(service *goa.Service) *AuthController

NewAuthController creates a auth controller.

func (*AuthController) Login

func (c *AuthController) Login(ctx *app.LoginAuthContext) error

Login runs the login action.

func (*AuthController) Logout

func (c *AuthController) Logout(ctx *app.LogoutAuthContext) error

Logout runs the logout action.

type CronController

type CronController struct {

CronController implements the cron resource.

func NewCronController

func NewCronController(service *goa.Service) *CronController

NewCronController creates a cron controller.

func (*CronController) FetchEvents

func (c *CronController) FetchEvents(ctx *app.FetchEventsCronContext) error

FetchEvents runs the fetchEvents action.

func (*CronController) ReadFix

func (c *CronController) ReadFix(ctx *app.ReadFixCronContext) error

ReadFix runs the readFix action.

func (*CronController) SendRecommendMail

func (c *CronController) SendRecommendMail(ctx *app.SendRecommendMailCronContext) error

SendRecommendMail runs the sendRecommendMail action.

func (*CronController) UpgradeTags

func (c *CronController) UpgradeTags(ctx *app.UpgradeTagsCronContext) error

UpgradeTags runs the upgradeTags action.

type EventsController

type EventsController struct {

EventsController implements the events resource.

func NewEventsController

func NewEventsController(service *goa.Service) *EventsController

NewEventsController creates a events controller.

func (*EventsController) DeleteFavorite

func (c *EventsController) DeleteFavorite(ctx *app.DeleteFavoriteEventsContext) error

DeleteFavorite runs the deleteFavorite action.

func (*EventsController) List

List runs the list action. TODO: 詳しいロジックを実装したら消す nolint

func (*EventsController) SelfFavoriteList

func (c *EventsController) SelfFavoriteList(ctx *app.SelfFavoriteListEventsContext) error

SelfFavoriteList runs the selfFavoriteList action.

func (*EventsController) Show

Show runs the show action.

func (*EventsController) ShowCount

func (c *EventsController) ShowCount(ctx *app.ShowCountEventsContext) error

ShowCount runs the showCount action.

func (*EventsController) UpdateFavorite

func (c *EventsController) UpdateFavorite(ctx *app.UpdateFavoriteEventsContext) error

UpdateFavorite runs the updateFavorite action.

type FrontController

type FrontController struct {

FrontController implements the front resource.

func NewFrontController

func NewFrontController(service *goa.Service) *FrontController

NewFrontController creates a front controller.

type GithubUser

type GithubUser struct {
	ID        int64  `json:"id"`
	Login     string `json:"login"`
	Email     string `json:"email"`
	AvaterURL string `json:"avatar_url"`

GithubUser Githubから取得したユーザー情報

type SwaggerController

type SwaggerController struct {

SwaggerController implements the swagger resource.

func NewSwaggerController

func NewSwaggerController(service *goa.Service) *SwaggerController

NewSwaggerController creates a swagger controller.

type SwaggeruiController

type SwaggeruiController struct {

SwaggeruiController implements the swaggerui resource.

func NewSwaggeruiController

func NewSwaggeruiController(service *goa.Service) *SwaggeruiController

NewSwaggeruiController creates a swaggerui controller.

type UsersController

type UsersController struct {

UsersController implements the users resource.

func NewUsersController

func NewUsersController(service *goa.Service) *UsersController

NewUsersController creates a users controller.

func (*UsersController) Delete

func (c *UsersController) Delete(ctx *app.DeleteUsersContext) error

Delete runs the delete action.

func (*UsersController) DeleteTag

func (c *UsersController) DeleteTag(ctx *app.DeleteTagUsersContext) error

DeleteTag runs the deleteTag action.

func (*UsersController) Show

func (c *UsersController) Show(ctx *app.ShowUsersContext) error

Show runs the show action.

func (*UsersController) Update

func (c *UsersController) Update(ctx *app.UpdateUsersContext) error

Update runs the update action.

func (*UsersController) UpdateTag

func (c *UsersController) UpdateTag(ctx *app.UpdateTagUsersContext) error

UpdateTag runs the updateTag action.

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