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var (
	RBAC_EnforcementType_name = map[int32]string{
	RBAC_EnforcementType_value = map[string]int32{
		"CONTINUOUS":             1,

Enum value maps for RBAC_EnforcementType.

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var File_envoy_extensions_filters_network_rbac_v4alpha_rbac_proto protoreflect.FileDescriptor


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type RBAC

type RBAC struct {

	// Specify the RBAC rules to be applied globally.
	// If absent, no enforcing RBAC policy will be applied.
	Rules *v4alpha.RBAC `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=rules,proto3" json:"rules,omitempty"`
	// Shadow rules are not enforced by the filter but will emit stats and logs
	// and can be used for rule testing.
	// If absent, no shadow RBAC policy will be applied.
	ShadowRules *v4alpha.RBAC `protobuf:"bytes,2,opt,name=shadow_rules,json=shadowRules,proto3" json:"shadow_rules,omitempty"`
	// The prefix to use when emitting statistics.
	StatPrefix string `protobuf:"bytes,3,opt,name=stat_prefix,json=statPrefix,proto3" json:"stat_prefix,omitempty"`
	// RBAC enforcement strategy. By default RBAC will be enforced only once
	// when the first byte of data arrives from the downstream. When used in
	// conjunction with filters that emit dynamic metadata after decoding
	// every payload (e.g., Mongo, MySQL, Kafka) set the enforcement type to
	// CONTINUOUS to enforce RBAC policies on every message boundary.
	EnforcementType RBAC_EnforcementType `` /* 179-byte string literal not displayed */
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RBAC network filter config.

Header should not be used in rules/shadow_rules in RBAC network filter as this information is only available in :ref:`RBAC http filter <config_http_filters_rbac>`.

func (*RBAC) Descriptor deprecated

This method has been deprecated.
func (*RBAC) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

Deprecated: Use RBAC.ProtoReflect.Descriptor instead.

func (*RBAC) GetEnforcementType

func (x *RBAC) GetEnforcementType() RBAC_EnforcementType

func (*RBAC) GetRules

func (x *RBAC) GetRules() *v4alpha.RBAC

func (*RBAC) GetShadowRules

func (x *RBAC) GetShadowRules() *v4alpha.RBAC

func (*RBAC) GetStatPrefix

func (x *RBAC) GetStatPrefix() string

func (*RBAC) ProtoMessage

func (*RBAC) ProtoMessage()

func (*RBAC) ProtoReflect

func (x *RBAC) ProtoReflect() protoreflect.Message

func (*RBAC) Reset

func (x *RBAC) Reset()

func (*RBAC) String

func (x *RBAC) String() string

func (*RBAC) Validate

func (m *RBAC) Validate() error

Validate checks the field values on RBAC with the rules defined in the proto definition for this message. If any rules are violated, an error is returned.

type RBACValidationError

type RBACValidationError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RBACValidationError is the validation error returned by RBAC.Validate if the designated constraints aren't met.

func (RBACValidationError) Cause

func (e RBACValidationError) Cause() error

Cause function returns cause value.

func (RBACValidationError) Error

func (e RBACValidationError) Error() string

Error satisfies the builtin error interface

func (RBACValidationError) ErrorName

func (e RBACValidationError) ErrorName() string

ErrorName returns error name.

func (RBACValidationError) Field

func (e RBACValidationError) Field() string

Field function returns field value.

func (RBACValidationError) Key

func (e RBACValidationError) Key() bool

Key function returns key value.

func (RBACValidationError) Reason

func (e RBACValidationError) Reason() string

Reason function returns reason value.

type RBAC_EnforcementType

type RBAC_EnforcementType int32
const (
	// Apply RBAC policies when the first byte of data arrives on the connection.
	// Continuously apply RBAC policies as data arrives. Use this mode when
	// using RBAC with message oriented protocols such as Mongo, MySQL, Kafka,
	// etc. when the protocol decoders emit dynamic metadata such as the
	// resources being accessed and the operations on the resources.
	RBAC_CONTINUOUS RBAC_EnforcementType = 1

func (RBAC_EnforcementType) Descriptor

func (RBAC_EnforcementType) Enum

func (RBAC_EnforcementType) EnumDescriptor deprecated

This method has been deprecated.
func (RBAC_EnforcementType) EnumDescriptor() ([]byte, []int)

Deprecated: Use RBAC_EnforcementType.Descriptor instead.

func (RBAC_EnforcementType) Number

func (RBAC_EnforcementType) String

func (x RBAC_EnforcementType) String() string

func (RBAC_EnforcementType) Type

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