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Package lint implements Vale's syntax-aware linting functionality.

The package is split into core linting logic (this file), source code (code.go), and markup (markup.go).



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type Comment added in v2.19.0

type Comment struct {
	Text   string
	Line   int
	Offset int
	Scope  string

Comment represents an in-code comment (line or block).

type ExtendedHTMLWriter added in v2.25.0

type ExtendedHTMLWriter struct {

func (*ExtendedHTMLWriter) WriteComment added in v2.25.0

func (w *ExtendedHTMLWriter) WriteComment(n org.Comment)

type Linter

type Linter struct {
	Manager *check.Manager

	HasDir bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Linter lints a File.

func NewLinter

func NewLinter(cfg *core.Config) (*Linter, error)

NewLinter initializes a Linter.

func (*Linter) Lint

func (l *Linter) Lint(input []string, pat string) ([]*core.File, error)

Lint src according to its format.

func (*Linter) LintString

func (l *Linter) LintString(src string) ([]*core.File, error)

LintString src according to its format.

type Solution added in v2.23.1

type Solution struct {
	Suggestions []string `json:"suggestions"`
	Error       string   `json:"error"`

Solution is a potential solution to an alert.

func ParseAlert added in v2.23.1

func ParseAlert(s string, cfg *core.Config) (Solution, error)

ParseAlert returns a slice of suggestions for the given Vale alert.

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