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type Detector

type Detector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Detector struct holds the main components of the fetching operation.

func NewDetector

func NewDetector() *Detector

NewDetector initializes a new constructor function.

func (*Detector) DetectFaces

func (d *Detector) DetectFaces(pixels []uint8, width, height int) [][]int

DetectFaces runs the cluster detection over the webcam frame received as a pixel array and returns the detected faces.

func (*Detector) DetectLandmarkPoints added in v1.4.1

func (d *Detector) DetectLandmarkPoints(leftEye, rightEye *pigo.Puploc) [][]int

DetectLandmarkPoints detects the landmark points

func (*Detector) DetectLeftPupil

func (d *Detector) DetectLeftPupil(results []int) *pigo.Puploc

DetectLeftPupil detects the left pupil

func (*Detector) DetectRightPupil

func (d *Detector) DetectRightPupil(results []int) *pigo.Puploc

DetectRightPupil detects the right pupil

func (*Detector) FetchCascade

func (d *Detector) FetchCascade(url string) ([]byte, error)

FetchCascade retrive the cascade file through a JS http connection. It should return the binary data as uint8 integers or err in case of an error.

func (*Detector) Log

func (d *Detector) Log(args ...interface{})

Log calls the `console.log` Javascript function

func (*Detector) ParseCascade added in v1.4.4

func (d *Detector) ParseCascade(path string) ([]byte, error)

ParseCascade loads and parse the cascade file through the Javascript `location.href` method, using the `js/syscall` package. It will return the cascade file encoded into a byte array.

func (*Detector) UnpackCascades

func (d *Detector) UnpackCascades() error

UnpackCascades unpack all of used cascade files.

type FlpCascade

type FlpCascade struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FlpCascade holds the binary representation of the facial landmark points cascade files

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