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func BytesToInt16

func BytesToInt16(b []byte) int16

func BytesToInt32

func BytesToInt32(b []byte) int32

func BytesToInt64

func BytesToInt64(b []byte) int64

func BytesToUint16

func BytesToUint16(b []byte) uint16

func BytesToUint32

func BytesToUint32(b []byte) uint32

func BytesToUint64

func BytesToUint64(b []byte) uint64

func FormatInt

func FormatInt(v int) string

func FormatInt16

func FormatInt16(v int16) string

func FormatInt16ToSlice

func FormatInt16ToSlice(v int16) []byte

func FormatInt32

func FormatInt32(v int32) string

func FormatInt32ToSlice

func FormatInt32ToSlice(v int32) []byte

func FormatInt64

func FormatInt64(v int64) string

func FormatInt64ToSlice

func FormatInt64ToSlice(v int64) []byte

func FormatInt8

func FormatInt8(v int8) string

func FormatInt8ToSlice

func FormatInt8ToSlice(v int8) []byte

func FormatIntToSlice

func FormatIntToSlice(v int) []byte

func FormatUint

func FormatUint(v uint) string

func FormatUint16

func FormatUint16(v uint16) string

func FormatUint16ToSlice

func FormatUint16ToSlice(v uint16) []byte

func FormatUint32

func FormatUint32(v uint32) string

func FormatUint32ToSlice

func FormatUint32ToSlice(v uint32) []byte

func FormatUint64

func FormatUint64(v uint64) string

func FormatUint64ToSlice

func FormatUint64ToSlice(v uint64) []byte

func FormatUint8

func FormatUint8(v uint8) string

func FormatUint8ToSlice

func FormatUint8ToSlice(v uint8) []byte

func FormatUintToSlice

func FormatUintToSlice(v uint) []byte

func Int16ToBytes

func Int16ToBytes(u int16) []byte

func Int32ToBytes

func Int32ToBytes(u int32) []byte

func Int64ToBytes

func Int64ToBytes(u int64) []byte

func MaxInt

func MaxInt(a int, b int) int

func MaxInt16

func MaxInt16(a int16, b int16) int16

func MaxInt32

func MaxInt32(a int32, b int32) int32

func MaxInt64

func MaxInt64(a int64, b int64) int64

func MaxInt8

func MaxInt8(a int8, b int8) int8

func MaxUint

func MaxUint(a uint, b uint) uint

func MaxUint16

func MaxUint16(a uint16, b uint16) uint16

func MaxUint32

func MaxUint32(a uint32, b uint32) uint32

func MaxUint64

func MaxUint64(a uint64, b uint64) uint64

func MaxUint8

func MaxUint8(a uint8, b uint8) uint8

func MinInt

func MinInt(a int, b int) int

func MinInt16

func MinInt16(a int16, b int16) int16

func MinInt32

func MinInt32(a int32, b int32) int32

func MinInt64

func MinInt64(a int64, b int64) int64

func MinInt8

func MinInt8(a int8, b int8) int8

func MinUint

func MinUint(a uint, b uint) uint

func MinUint16

func MinUint16(a uint16, b uint16) uint16

func MinUint32

func MinUint32(a uint32, b uint32) uint32

func MinUint64

func MinUint64(a uint64, b uint64) uint64

func MinUint8

func MinUint8(a uint8, b uint8) uint8

func ParseInt

func ParseInt(s string) (int, error)

func ParseInt16

func ParseInt16(s string) (int16, error)

func ParseInt32

func ParseInt32(s string) (int32, error)

func ParseInt64

func ParseInt64(s string) (int64, error)

func ParseInt8

func ParseInt8(s string) (int8, error)

func ParseUint

func ParseUint(s string) (uint, error)

func ParseUint16

func ParseUint16(s string) (uint16, error)

func ParseUint32

func ParseUint32(s string) (uint32, error)

func ParseUint64

func ParseUint64(s string) (uint64, error)

func ParseUint8

func ParseUint8(s string) (uint8, error)

func Uint16ToBytes

func Uint16ToBytes(u uint16) []byte

func Uint32ToBytes

func Uint32ToBytes(u uint32) []byte

func Uint64ToBytes

func Uint64ToBytes(u uint64) []byte


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