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const (
	Version1   = upnp.URN("urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1")
	Version2   = upnp.URN("urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:2")
	ServiceID  = upnp.ServiceID("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:AVTransport")
	DeviceType = upnp.DeviceType("urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1")
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const (
	StatePlaying = State("PLAYING")
	StateStopped = State("STOPPED")

	StateNoMediaPresent  = State("NO_MEDIA_PRESENT")
	StatePaused          = State("PAUSED_PLAYBACK")
	StatePausedRecording = State("PAUSED_RECORDING")
	StateRecording       = State("RECORDING")
	StateTransitioning   = State("TRANSITIONING")
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const (
	SeekRelativeTime = SeekMode("REL_TIME")
	SeekAbsoluteTime = SeekMode("ABS_TIME")
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const (
	StatusOK    = Status("OK")
	StatusError = Status("ERROR_OCCURRED")


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type Interface

type Interface interface {
	// Play plays the current track.
	Play(context.Context) error

	// Pause pauses the current track.
	Pause(context.Context) error

	// Next skips to the next track.
	Next(context.Context) error

	// Previous skips back to the previous track.
	Previous(context.Context) error

	// Stop stops playback altogether.
	Stop(context.Context) error

	// Seek seeks to a given time.
	Seek(context.Context, time.Duration) error

	// SetCurrentURI sets the URI of the current track.
	// If metadata is nil, it will create a minimal metadata.
	SetCurrentURI(ctx context.Context, uri string, metadata *upnpav.DIDLLite) error
	// SetNextURI sets the URI of the next track.
	// If metadata is nil, it will create a minimal metadata.
	SetNextURI(ctx context.Context, uri string, metadata *upnpav.DIDLLite) error

	// MediaInfo returns the current URI, current metadata, next URI, and next metadata.
	MediaInfo(context.Context) (string, *upnpav.DIDLLite, string, *upnpav.DIDLLite, error)

	// PositionInfo returns the current URI, metadata, total time, and elapsed time.
	PositionInfo(context.Context) (string, *upnpav.DIDLLite, time.Duration, time.Duration, error)

	// TransportInfo returns the current playback state and error status.
	TransportInfo(context.Context) (State, Status, error)

Interface is the UPnP AVTransport:1 interface. Not all methods exist on all Renderers. For example, Next is missing on gmediarender.

func NewClient

func NewClient(soapClient soap.Interface) Interface

type SeekMode

type SeekMode string

type State

type State string

State is a playback state. Vendor defined states can exist.

type Status

type Status string

Status is whether or not an error occurred. Vendor defined statuses can exist.

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