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Published: Sep 23, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 7 Imported by: 29



Package manifest records the git hashes of modules for versions.



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const Collection = "manifest"


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var (
	// BSON fields for artifact file structs
	IdKey               = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(Manifest{}, "Id")
	ManifestRevisionKey = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(Manifest{}, "Revision")
	ProjectNameKey      = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(Manifest{}, "ProjectName")
	ModulesKey          = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(Manifest{}, "Modules")
	ManifestBranchKey   = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(Manifest{}, "Branch")
	IsBaseKey           = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(Manifest{}, "IsBase")
	ModuleBranchKey     = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(Module{}, "Branch")
	ModuleRevisionKey   = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(Module{}, "Revision")
	OwnerKey            = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(Module{}, "Owner")
	UrlKey              = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(Module{}, "URL")


func ByBaseProjectAndRevision

func ByBaseProjectAndRevision(project, revision string) db.Q

func ById

func ById(id string) db.Q

ById returns a query that contains an Id selector on the string, id.


type Manifest

type Manifest struct {
	Id              string             `json:"id" bson:"_id"`
	Revision        string             `json:"revision" bson:"revision"`
	ProjectName     string             `json:"project" bson:"project"`
	Branch          string             `json:"branch" bson:"branch"`
	Modules         map[string]*Module `json:"modules" bson:"modules"`
	IsBase          bool               `json:"is_base" bson:"is_base"`
	ModuleOverrides map[string]string  `json:"module_overrides,omitempty" bson:"-"`

Manifest is a representation of the modules associated with the a version. Id is the version id, Revision is the revision of the version on the project ProjectName is the Project Id, Branch is the branch of the repository. Modules is a map of the GitHub repository name to the Module's information associated with the specific version.

func FindFromVersion

func FindFromVersion(versionID, project, revision, requester string) (*Manifest, error)

func FindOne

func FindOne(query db.Q) (*Manifest, error)

FindOne gets one Manifest for the given query.

func (*Manifest) TryInsert

func (m *Manifest) TryInsert() (bool, error)

TryInsert writes the manifest to the database if possible. If the document already exists, it returns true and the error If it does not it will return false and the error

type Module

type Module struct {
	Branch   string `json:"branch" bson:"branch"`
	Repo     string `json:"repo" bson:"repo"`
	Revision string `json:"revision" bson:"revision"`
	Owner    string `json:"owner" bson:"owner"`
	URL      string `json:"url" bson:"url"`

A Module is a snapshot of the module associated with a version. Branch is the branch of the repository, Repo is the name of the repository, Revision is the revision of the head of the branch, Owner is the owner of the repository, URL is the url to the GitHub API call to that specific commit.

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