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const (
	// SeedLabel determines if a member is a seed or not.
	SeedLabel = ""

	// DecommissionLabel expresses the intent to decommission
	// the specific member. The presence of the label expresses
	// the intent to decommission. If the value is true, it means
	// the member has finished decommissioning.
	// Values: {true, false}
	DecommissionLabel = ""

	// DeveloperModeAnnotation is present when the user wishes
	// to bypass production-readiness checks and start the database
	// either way. Currently useful for scylla, may get removed
	// once configMapName field is implemented in Cluster CRD.
	DeveloperModeAnnotation = ""

	LabelValueTrue  = "true"
	LabelValueFalse = "false"

These labels are only used on the ClusterIP services acting as each member's identity (static ip). Each of these labels is a record of intent to do something. The controller sets these labels and each member watches for them and takes the appropriate actions.

See the sidecar design doc for more details.

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const (
	ClusterNameLabel    = ""
	DatacenterNameLabel = ""
	RackNameLabel       = ""

	AppName         = "rook-cassandra"
	OperatorAppName = "rook-cassandra-operator"

Generic Labels used on objects created by the operator.

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const (
	PodIPEnvVar = "POD_IP"

	ResourceLimitCPUEnvVar    = "CPU_LIMIT"
	ResourceLimitMemoryEnvVar = "MEMORY_LIMIT"

Environment Variable Names

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const (
	SharedDirName = "/mnt/shared"
	PluginDirName = SharedDirName + "/" + "plugins"

	DataDirCassandra = "/var/lib/cassandra"
	DataDirScylla    = "/var/lib/scylla"

	JolokiaJarName = "jolokia.jar"
	JolokiaPort    = 8778
	JolokiaContext = "jolokia"

	ReadinessProbePath = "/readyz"
	LivenessProbePath  = "/healthz"
	ProbePort          = 8080

Configuration Values


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