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Package dnsrecorder allows you to record a DNS response when it is send to the client.



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type Recorder

type Recorder struct {
	Rcode int
	Len   int
	Msg   *dns.Msg
	Start time.Time

Recorder is a type of ResponseWriter that captures the rcode code written to it and also the size of the message written in the response. A rcode code does not have to be written, however, in which case 0 must be assumed. It is best to have the constructor initialize this type with that default status code.

func New

func New(w dns.ResponseWriter) *Recorder

New makes and returns a new Recorder, which captures the DNS rcode from the ResponseWriter and also the length of the response message written through it.

func (*Recorder) Hijack

func (r *Recorder) Hijack()

Hijack implements dns.Hijacker. It simply wraps the underlying ResponseWriter's Hijack method if there is one, or returns an error.

func (*Recorder) Write

func (r *Recorder) Write(buf []byte) (int, error)

Write is a wrapper that records the length of the message that gets written.

func (*Recorder) WriteMsg

func (r *Recorder) WriteMsg(res *dns.Msg) error

WriteMsg records the status code and calls the underlying ResponseWriter's WriteMsg method.

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