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const (
	MaxBlobBlockSize = 4 * 1024 * 1024
	MaxBlobPageSize  = 4 * 1024 * 1024
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const (
	DefaultBaseUrl    = ""
	DefaultApiVersion = "2014-02-14"


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var (
	ErrNotCreated  = errors.New("storage: operation has returned a successful error code other than 201 Created.")
	ErrNotAccepted = errors.New("storage: operation has returned a successful error code other than 202 Accepted.")


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type Blob

type Blob struct {
	Name       string         `xml:"Name"`
	Properties BlobProperties `xml:"Properties"`

A Blob is an entry in BlobListResponse.

type BlobListResponse

type BlobListResponse struct {
	XMLName    xml.Name `xml:"EnumerationResults"`
	Xmlns      string   `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Prefix     string   `xml:"Prefix"`
	Marker     string   `xml:"Marker"`
	NextMarker string   `xml:"NextMarker"`
	MaxResults int64    `xml:"MaxResults"`
	Blobs      []Blob   `xml:"Blobs>Blob"`

BlobListResponse contains the response fields from ListBlobs call.

type BlobProperties

type BlobProperties struct {
	LastModified          string   `xml:"Last-Modified"`
	Etag                  string   `xml:"Etag"`
	ContentMD5            string   `xml:"Content-MD5"`
	ContentLength         int64    `xml:"Content-Length"`
	ContentType           string   `xml:"Content-Type"`
	ContentEncoding       string   `xml:"Content-Encoding"`
	BlobType              BlobType `xml:"x-ms-blob-blob-type"`
	SequenceNumber        int64    `xml:"x-ms-blob-sequence-number"`
	CopyId                string   `xml:"CopyId"`
	CopyStatus            string   `xml:"CopyStatus"`
	CopySource            string   `xml:"CopySource"`
	CopyProgress          string   `xml:"CopyProgress"`
	CopyCompletionTime    string   `xml:"CopyCompletionTime"`
	CopyStatusDescription string   `xml:"CopyStatusDescription"`

BlobProperties contains various properties of a blob returned in various endpoints like ListBlobs or GetBlobProperties.

type BlobStorageClient

type BlobStorageClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (BlobStorageClient) BlobExists

func (b BlobStorageClient) BlobExists(container, name string) (bool, error)

BlobExists returns true if a blob with given name exists on the specified container of the storage account.

func (BlobStorageClient) ContainerExists

func (b BlobStorageClient) ContainerExists(name string) (bool, error)

ContainerExists returns true if a container with given name exists on the storage account, otherwise returns false.

func (BlobStorageClient) CopyBlob

func (b BlobStorageClient) CopyBlob(container, name, sourceBlob string) error

CopyBlob starts a blob copy operation and waits for the operation to complete. sourceBlob parameter must be a canonical URL to the blob (can be obtained using GetBlobURL method.) There is no SLA on blob copy and therefore this helper method works faster on smaller files. See

func (BlobStorageClient) CreateBlockBlob

func (b BlobStorageClient) CreateBlockBlob(container, name string) error

CreateBlockBlob initializes an empty block blob with no blocks. See

func (BlobStorageClient) CreateContainer

func (b BlobStorageClient) CreateContainer(name string, access ContainerAccessType) error

CreateContainer creates a blob container within the storage account with given name and access level. See Returns error if container already exists.

func (BlobStorageClient) CreateContainerIfNotExists

func (b BlobStorageClient) CreateContainerIfNotExists(name string, access ContainerAccessType) (bool, error)

CreateContainerIfNotExists creates a blob container if it does not exist. Returns true if container is newly created or false if container already exists.

func (BlobStorageClient) DeleteBlob

func (b BlobStorageClient) DeleteBlob(container, name string) error

DeleteBlob deletes the given blob from the specified container. If the blob does not exists at the time of the Delete Blob operation, it returns error. See

func (BlobStorageClient) DeleteBlobIfExists

func (b BlobStorageClient) DeleteBlobIfExists(container, name string) (bool, error)

DeleteBlobIfExists deletes the given blob from the specified container If the blob is deleted with this call, returns true. Otherwise returns false. See

func (BlobStorageClient) DeleteContainer

func (b BlobStorageClient) DeleteContainer(name string) error

DeleteContainer deletes the container with given name on the storage account. See If the container does not exist returns error.

func (BlobStorageClient) DeleteContainerIfExists

func (b BlobStorageClient) DeleteContainerIfExists(name string) (bool, error)

DeleteContainer deletes the container with given name on the storage account if it exists. See Returns true if container is deleted with this call, or false if the container did not exist at the time of the Delete Container operation.

func (BlobStorageClient) GetBlob

func (b BlobStorageClient) GetBlob(container, name string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

GetBlob downloads a blob to a stream. See

func (BlobStorageClient) GetBlobProperties

func (b BlobStorageClient) GetBlobProperties(container, name string) (*BlobProperties, error)

GetBlobProperties provides various information about the specified blob. See

func (BlobStorageClient) GetBlobRange

func (b BlobStorageClient) GetBlobRange(container, name, bytesRange string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

GetBlobRange reads the specified range of a blob to a stream. The bytesRange string must be in a format like "0-", "10-100" as defined in HTTP 1.1 spec. See

func (BlobStorageClient) GetBlobSASURI

func (b BlobStorageClient) GetBlobSASURI(container, name string, expiry time.Time, permissions string) (string, error)

GetBlobSASURI creates an URL to the specified blob which contains the Shared Access Signature with specified permissions and expiration time. See

func (BlobStorageClient) GetBlobUrl

func (b BlobStorageClient) GetBlobUrl(container, name string) string

GetBlobUrl gets the canonical URL to the blob with the specified name in the specified container. This method does not create a publicly accessible URL if the blob or container is private and this method does not check if the blob exists.

func (BlobStorageClient) GetBlockList

func (b BlobStorageClient) GetBlockList(container, name string, blockType BlockListType) (BlockListResponse, error)

GetBlockList retrieves list of blocks in the specified block blob. See

func (BlobStorageClient) GetPageRanges

func (b BlobStorageClient) GetPageRanges(container, name string) (GetPageRangesResponse, error)

GetPageRanges returns the list of valid page ranges for a page blob. See

func (BlobStorageClient) ListBlobs

func (b BlobStorageClient) ListBlobs(container string, params ListBlobsParameters) (BlobListResponse, error)

ListBlobs returns an object that contains list of blobs in the container, pagination token and other information in the response of List Blobs call. See

func (BlobStorageClient) ListContainers

ListContainers returns the list of containers in a storage account along with pagination token and other response details. See

func (BlobStorageClient) PutBlock

func (b BlobStorageClient) PutBlock(container, name, blockId string, chunk []byte) error

PutBlock saves the given data chunk to the specified block blob with given ID. See

func (BlobStorageClient) PutBlockBlob

func (b BlobStorageClient) PutBlockBlob(container, name string, blob io.Reader) error

PutBlockBlob uploads given stream into a block blob by splitting data stream into chunks and uploading as blocks. Commits the block list at the end. This is a helper method built on top of PutBlock and PutBlockList methods with sequential block ID counting logic.

func (BlobStorageClient) PutBlockList

func (b BlobStorageClient) PutBlockList(container, name string, blocks []Block) error

PutBlockList saves list of blocks to the specified block blob. See

func (BlobStorageClient) PutBlockWithLength

func (b BlobStorageClient) PutBlockWithLength(container, name, blockId string, size uint64, blob io.Reader) error

PutBlockWithLength saves the given data stream of exactly specified size to the block blob with given ID. See It is an alternative to PutBlocks where data comes as stream but the length is known in advance.

func (BlobStorageClient) PutPage

func (b BlobStorageClient) PutPage(container, name string, startByte, endByte int64, writeType PageWriteType, chunk []byte) error

PutPage writes a range of pages to a page blob or clears the given range. In case of 'clear' writes, given chunk is discarded. Ranges must be aligned with 512-byte boundaries and chunk must be of size multiplies by 512. See

func (BlobStorageClient) PutPageBlob

func (b BlobStorageClient) PutPageBlob(container, name string, size int64) error

PutPageBlob initializes an empty page blob with specified name and maximum size in bytes (size must be aligned to a 512-byte boundary). A page blob must be created using this method before writing pages. See

type BlobType

type BlobType string

BlobType defines the type of the Azure Blob.

const (
	BlobTypeBlock BlobType = "BlockBlob"
	BlobTypePage  BlobType = "PageBlob"

type Block

type Block struct {
	Id     string
	Status BlockStatus

Block is used to create Block entities for Put Block List call.

type BlockListResponse

type BlockListResponse struct {
	XMLName           xml.Name        `xml:"BlockList"`
	CommittedBlocks   []BlockResponse `xml:"CommittedBlocks>Block"`
	UncommittedBlocks []BlockResponse `xml:"UncommittedBlocks>Block"`

BlockListResponse contains the response fields from Get Block List call.

type BlockListType

type BlockListType string

BlockListType is used to filter out types of blocks in a Get Blocks List call for a block blob. See for all block types.

const (
	BlockListTypeAll         BlockListType = "all"
	BlockListTypeCommitted   BlockListType = "committed"
	BlockListTypeUncommitted BlockListType = "uncommitted"

type BlockResponse

type BlockResponse struct {
	Name string `xml:"Name"`
	Size int64  `xml:"Size"`

BlockResponse contains the block information returned in the GetBlockListCall.

type BlockStatus

type BlockStatus string

BlockStatus defines states a block for a block blob can be in.

const (
	BlockStatusUncommitted BlockStatus = "Uncommitted"
	BlockStatusCommitted   BlockStatus = "Committed"
	BlockStatusLatest      BlockStatus = "Latest"

type Container

type Container struct {
	Name       string              `xml:"Name"`
	Properties ContainerProperties `xml:"Properties"`

A Container is an entry in ContainerListResponse.

type ContainerAccessType

type ContainerAccessType string

ContainerAccessType defines the access level to the container from a public request. See and "x-ms-blob-public-access" header.

const (
	ContainerAccessTypePrivate   ContainerAccessType = ""
	ContainerAccessTypeBlob      ContainerAccessType = "blob"
	ContainerAccessTypeContainer ContainerAccessType = "container"

type ContainerListResponse

type ContainerListResponse struct {
	XMLName    xml.Name    `xml:"EnumerationResults"`
	Xmlns      string      `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Prefix     string      `xml:"Prefix"`
	Marker     string      `xml:"Marker"`
	NextMarker string      `xml:"NextMarker"`
	MaxResults int64       `xml:"MaxResults"`
	Containers []Container `xml:"Containers>Container"`

ContainerListResponse contains the response fields from ListContainers call.

type ContainerProperties

type ContainerProperties struct {
	LastModified  string `xml:"Last-Modified"`
	Etag          string `xml:"Etag"`
	LeaseStatus   string `xml:"LeaseStatus"`
	LeaseState    string `xml:"LeaseState"`
	LeaseDuration string `xml:"LeaseDuration"`

ContainerProperties contains various properties of a container returned from various endpoints like ListContainers.

type GetPageRangesResponse

type GetPageRangesResponse struct {
	XMLName  xml.Name    `xml:"PageList"`
	PageList []PageRange `xml:"PageRange"`

GetPageRangesResponse contains the reponse fields from Get Page Ranges call.

type ListBlobsParameters

type ListBlobsParameters struct {
	Prefix     string
	Delimiter  string
	Marker     string
	Include    string
	MaxResults uint
	Timeout    uint

ListBlobsParameters defines the set of customizable parameters to make a List Blobs call.

type ListContainersParameters

type ListContainersParameters struct {
	Prefix     string
	Marker     string
	Include    string
	MaxResults uint
	Timeout    uint

ListContainersParameters defines the set of customizable parameters to make a List Containers call.

type PageRange

type PageRange struct {
	Start int64 `xml:"Start"`
	End   int64 `xml:"End"`

PageRange contains information about a page of a page blob from Get Pages Range call.

type PageWriteType

type PageWriteType string

PageWriteType defines the type updates that are going to be done on the page blob.

const (
	PageWriteTypeUpdate PageWriteType = "update"
	PageWriteTypeClear  PageWriteType = "clear"

type StorageClient

type StorageClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StorageClient is the object that needs to be constructed to perform operations on the storage account.

func NewBasicClient

func NewBasicClient(accountName, accountKey string) (StorageClient, error)

NewBasicClient constructs a StorageClient with given storage service name and key.

func NewClient

func NewClient(accountName, accountKey, blobServiceBaseUrl, apiVersion string, useHttps bool) (StorageClient, error)

NewClient constructs a StorageClient. This should be used if the caller wants to specify whether to use HTTPS, a specific REST API version or a custom storage endpoint than Azure Public Cloud.

func (StorageClient) GetBlobService

func (c StorageClient) GetBlobService() *BlobStorageClient

GetBlobService returns a BlobStorageClient which can operate on the blob service of the storage account.

type StorageServiceError

type StorageServiceError struct {
	Code                      string `xml:"Code"`
	Message                   string `xml:"Message"`
	AuthenticationErrorDetail string `xml:"AuthenticationErrorDetail"`
	QueryParameterName        string `xml:"QueryParameterName"`
	QueryParameterValue       string `xml:"QueryParameterValue"`
	Reason                    string `xml:"Reason"`
	StatusCode                int
	RequestId                 string

StorageServiceError contains fields of the error response from Azure Storage Service REST API. See Some fields might be specific to certain calls.

func (StorageServiceError) Error

func (e StorageServiceError) Error() string

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