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const PermDir = 0755
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const PermFile = 0664


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func IsNamedPipe added in v2.10.0

func IsNamedPipe(mode os.FileMode) bool
func IsSymlink(mode os.FileMode) bool


type FileInfo

type FileInfo struct {
	Fs        afero.Fs          `json:"-"`
	Path      string            `json:"path"`
	Name      string            `json:"name"`
	Size      int64             `json:"size"`
	Extension string            `json:"extension"`
	ModTime   time.Time         `json:"modified"`
	Mode      os.FileMode       `json:"mode"`
	IsDir     bool              `json:"isDir"`
	IsSymlink bool              `json:"isSymlink"`
	Type      string            `json:"type"`
	Subtitles []string          `json:"subtitles,omitempty"`
	Content   string            `json:"content,omitempty"`
	Checksums map[string]string `json:"checksums,omitempty"`
	Token     string            `json:"token,omitempty"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FileInfo describes a file.

func NewFileInfo

func NewFileInfo(opts FileOptions) (*FileInfo, error)

NewFileInfo creates a File object from a path and a given user. This File object will be automatically filled depending on if it is a directory or a file. If it's a video file, it will also detect any subtitles.

func (*FileInfo) Checksum

func (i *FileInfo) Checksum(algo string) error

Checksum checksums a given File for a given User, using a specific algorithm. The checksums data is saved on File object.

func (*FileInfo) RealPath added in v2.21.0

func (i *FileInfo) RealPath() string

type FileOptions

type FileOptions struct {
	Fs         afero.Fs
	Path       string
	Modify     bool
	Expand     bool
	ReadHeader bool
	Token      string
	Checker    rules.Checker
	Content    bool

FileOptions are the options when getting a file info.

type Listing

type Listing struct {
	Items    []*FileInfo `json:"items"`
	NumDirs  int         `json:"numDirs"`
	NumFiles int         `json:"numFiles"`
	Sorting  Sorting     `json:"sorting"`

Listing is a collection of files.

func (Listing) ApplySort

func (l Listing) ApplySort()

ApplySort applies the sort order using .Order and .Sort

type Sorting

type Sorting struct {
	By  string `json:"by"`
	Asc bool   `json:"asc"`

Sorting contains a sorting order.

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