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func Initer

func Initer() session.Initer

Initer returns the session.Initer for the Redis session store.


type Config

type Config struct {
	// Client is the Redis Client connection. If not set, a new client will be
	// created based on Options.
	Client *redis.Client
	// Options is the settings to set up Redis client connection.
	Options *Options
	// KeyPrefix is the prefix to use for keys in Redis. Default is "session:".
	KeyPrefix string
	// Lifetime is the duration to have no access to a session before being
	// recycled. Default is 3600 seconds.
	Lifetime time.Duration
	// Encoder is the encoder to encode session data. Default is session.GobEncoder.
	Encoder session.Encoder
	// Decoder is the decoder to decode session data. Default is session.GobDecoder.
	Decoder session.Decoder

Config contains options for the Redis session store.

type Options

type Options = redis.Options

Options keeps the settings to set up Redis client connection.

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