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type Cmd

type Cmd struct {
	Directory string
	Upload    bool
	DebCmd    func(...string) (string, error)

func New

func New() Cmd

New returns a new Cmd that implements "apt-cache" to find dependency information.

func (Cmd) Dependencies

func (d Cmd) Dependencies(target string) (graph.Deps, error)

Dependencies returns a dependency graph by analyzing a debian package.Dependencies. Notes:

(A "valid dependency" is one that has a valid path in "d.Directory+target"). Many types of
packages are found when running d.DebCmd and it is important to determine which ones
are used by the system. This is the reason we debug errors when a tarball upload fails.

Analysis steps are as follows:

1. Find all transitive dependencies for the target package.
2. Upload all valid dependencies and retrieve locator information.
3. Loop through all valid dependencies and find their direct dependencies using d.DebCmd
4. Construct a dependency graph with the direct dependency information.Dependencies

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