Package schema defines the OCI image media types, schema definitions and validation functions.



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    const (
    	ValidatorMediaTypeDescriptor   Validator     = v1.MediaTypeDescriptor
    	ValidatorMediaTypeLayoutHeader Validator     = v1.MediaTypeLayoutHeader
    	ValidatorMediaTypeManifest     Validator     = v1.MediaTypeImageManifest
    	ValidatorMediaTypeImageIndex   Validator     = v1.MediaTypeImageIndex
    	ValidatorMediaTypeImageConfig  Validator     = v1.MediaTypeImageConfig
    	ValidatorMediaTypeImageLayer   unimplemented = v1.MediaTypeImageLayer

      Media types for the OCI image formats


      This section is empty.


      func FileSystem

      func FileSystem() http.FileSystem

        FileSystem returns an in-memory filesystem including the schema files. The schema files are located at the root directory.

        func WrapSyntaxError

        func WrapSyntaxError(r io.Reader, err error) error

          WrapSyntaxError checks whether the given error is a *json.SyntaxError and converts it into a *schema.SyntaxError containing line/col information using the given reader. If the given error is not a *json.SyntaxError it is returned unchanged.


          type SyntaxError

          type SyntaxError struct {
          	Line, Col int
          	Offset    int64
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            A SyntaxError is a description of a JSON syntax error including line, column and offset in the JSON file.

            func (*SyntaxError) Error

            func (e *SyntaxError) Error() string

            type ValidationError

            type ValidationError struct {
            	Errs []error

              ValidationError contains all the errors that happened during validation.

              func (ValidationError) Error

              func (e ValidationError) Error() string

              type Validator

              type Validator string

                Validator wraps a media type string identifier and implements validation against a JSON schema.

                func (Validator) Validate

                func (v Validator) Validate(src io.Reader) error

                  Validate validates the given reader against the schema of the wrapped media type.