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type API

type API struct {
	DefaultProduces string
	DefaultConsumes string

	ServeError func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request, error)
	Models     map[string]func() interface{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

API represents an untyped mux for a swagger spec

func NewAPI

func NewAPI(spec *spec.Document) *API

NewAPI creates the default untyped API

func (*API) AuthenticatorsFor

func (d *API) AuthenticatorsFor(schemes map[string]spec.SecurityScheme) map[string]httpkit.Authenticator

AuthenticatorsFor gets the authenticators for the specified security schemes

func (*API) ConsumersFor

func (d *API) ConsumersFor(mediaTypes []string) map[string]httpkit.Consumer

ConsumersFor gets the consumers for the specified media types

func (*API) Formats

func (d *API) Formats() strfmt.Registry

Formats returns the registered string formats

func (*API) OperationHandlerFor

func (d *API) OperationHandlerFor(method, path string) (httpkit.OperationHandler, bool)

OperationHandlerFor returns the operation handler for the specified id if it can be found

func (*API) ProducersFor

func (d *API) ProducersFor(mediaTypes []string) map[string]httpkit.Producer

ProducersFor gets the producers for the specified media types

func (*API) RegisterAuth

func (d *API) RegisterAuth(scheme string, handler httpkit.Authenticator)

RegisterAuth registers an auth handler in this api

func (*API) RegisterConsumer

func (d *API) RegisterConsumer(mediaType string, handler httpkit.Consumer)

RegisterConsumer registers a consumer for a media type.

func (*API) RegisterFormat

func (d *API) RegisterFormat(name string, format strfmt.Format, validator strfmt.Validator)

RegisterFormat registers a custom format validator

func (*API) RegisterOperation

func (d *API) RegisterOperation(method, path string, handler httpkit.OperationHandler)

RegisterOperation registers an operation handler for an operation name

func (*API) RegisterProducer

func (d *API) RegisterProducer(mediaType string, handler httpkit.Producer)

RegisterProducer registers a producer for a media type

func (*API) Validate

func (d *API) Validate() error

Validate validates this API for any missing items

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