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Package runtime defines some functions used to encode/decode object.



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type ClientNegotiator

type ClientNegotiator interface {
	Encoder() (Encoder, error)
	Decoder() (Decoder, error)

ClientNegotiator handles turning an HTTP content type into the appropriate encoder. Use NewClientNegotiator or NewVersionedClientNegotiator to create this interface from a NegotiatedSerializer.

func NewSimpleClientNegotiator

func NewSimpleClientNegotiator() ClientNegotiator

NewSimpleClientNegotiator will negotiate for a single serializer. This should only be used for testing or when the caller is taking responsibility for setting the GVK on encoded objects.

type Decoder

type Decoder interface {
	Decode(data []byte, v interface{}) error

Decoder attempts to load an object from data.

type Encoder

type Encoder interface {
	// Encode writes an object to a stream. Implementations may return errors if the versions are
	// incompatible, or if no conversion is defined.
	Encode(v interface{}) ([]byte, error)

Encoder writes objects to a serialized form.

type NegotiateError

type NegotiateError struct {
	ContentType string
	Stream      bool

NegotiateError is returned when a ClientNegotiator is unable to locate a serializer for the requested operation.

func (NegotiateError) Error

func (e NegotiateError) Error() string

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