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const (
	Enforcing  = 1
	Permissive = 0
	Disabled   = -1


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func Chcon

func Chcon(fpath string, scon string, recurse bool) error

Change the fpath file object to the SELinux label scon. If the fpath is a directory and recurse is true Chcon will walk the directory tree setting the label

func CopyLevel

func CopyLevel(src, dest string) (string, error)

func DisableSecOpt

func DisableSecOpt() []string

DisableSecOpt returns a security opt that can be used to disabling SELinux labeling support for future container processes

func DupSecOpt

func DupSecOpt(src string) []string

DupSecOpt takes an SELinux process label and returns security options that can will set the SELinux Type and Level for future container processes

func FreeLxcContexts

func FreeLxcContexts(scon string)

func GetLxcContexts

func GetLxcContexts() (processLabel string, fileLabel string)

func Getcon

func Getcon() (string, error)

Getcon returns the SELinux label of the current process thread, or an error.

func Getexeccon

func Getexeccon() (string, error)

func Getfilecon

func Getfilecon(path string) (string, error)

Getfilecon returns the SELinux label for this path or returns an error.

func Getfscreatecon

func Getfscreatecon() (string, error)

func Getpidcon

func Getpidcon(pid int) (string, error)

Getpidcon returns the SELinux label of the given pid, or an error.

func IntToMcs

func IntToMcs(id int, catRange uint32) string

func ReserveLabel

func ReserveLabel(scon string)

func SecurityCheckContext

func SecurityCheckContext(val string) error

func SelinuxEnabled

func SelinuxEnabled() bool

SelinuxEnabled returns whether selinux is currently enabled.

func SelinuxGetEnforce

func SelinuxGetEnforce() int

func SelinuxGetEnforceMode

func SelinuxGetEnforceMode() int

func SetDisabled

func SetDisabled()

SetDisabled disables selinux support for the package

func Setexeccon

func Setexeccon(scon string) error

func Setfilecon

func Setfilecon(path string, scon string) error

Setfilecon sets the SELinux label for this path or returns an error.

func Setfscreatecon

func Setfscreatecon(scon string) error


type SELinuxContext

type SELinuxContext map[string]string

func NewContext

func NewContext(scon string) SELinuxContext

func (SELinuxContext) Get

func (c SELinuxContext) Get() string

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