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func ClearKeepCaps

func ClearKeepCaps() error

func Execv

func Execv(cmd string, args []string, env []string) error

func GetClockTicks

func GetClockTicks() int

func GetProcessStartTime

func GetProcessStartTime(pid int) (string, error)

look in /proc to find the process start time so that we can verify that this pid has started after ourself

func Lgetxattr

func Lgetxattr(path string, attr string) ([]byte, error)

Returns a []byte slice if the xattr is set and nil otherwise Requires path and its attribute as arguments

func Llistxattr

func Llistxattr(path string, dest []byte) (size int, err error)

Returns the size of xattrs and nil error Requires path, takes allocated []byte or nil as last argument

func Lsetxattr

func Lsetxattr(path string, attr string, data []byte, flags int) error

func SetKeepCaps

func SetKeepCaps() error

func SetParentDeathSignal

func SetParentDeathSignal(sig uintptr) error

func Setctty

func Setctty() error

func Setgid

func Setgid(gid int) (err error)

Setgid sets the gid of the calling thread to the specified gid.

func Setns

func Setns(fd uintptr, flags uintptr) error

func Setuid

func Setuid(uid int) (err error)

Setuid sets the uid of the calling thread to the specified uid.

func SysSetns

func SysSetns() uint32


type ParentDeathSignal

type ParentDeathSignal int

func GetParentDeathSignal

func GetParentDeathSignal() (ParentDeathSignal, error)

func (ParentDeathSignal) Restore

func (p ParentDeathSignal) Restore() error

func (ParentDeathSignal) Set

func (p ParentDeathSignal) Set() error

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