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Published: May 14, 2018 License: MIT Imports: 13 Imported by: 0



Delete tons of s3 objects efficiently.

This utility makes use of the Multi-Object Delete S3 endpoint and the concurrency primitives of go to quickly and efficiently delete large numbers of objects. Object lists can be specified in a file or fetched recursively based on a bucket prefix.


go get github.com/fullscreen/s3rm


$ s3rm -h
Usage: s3rm [options]

  -bucket      The target S3 bucket name
  -dryrun      Run through object list without actually deleting anything
  -file        A file containing the object keys to be deleted
  -help        Print this message and exit
  -output      A file to write deleted object keys to
  -pool        Max worker pool size (default: 10)
  -prefix      List and delete all objects with this prefix
  -region      The AWS region of the target bucket

Output statistics update in real-time

$ s3rm -bucket mybucket -file objects_to_delete.txt -pool 30
delete: 43000 of 202000 objects (30 workers, 6142 obj/s)

Planned Features

  • AWS credentials profile support


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