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const (
	// DefaultApiURL is the standard base URL for the API.
	DefaultApiURL         = ""
	DefaultSegmentId      = "everyone"
	DefaultExportDelay    = 24 * time.Hour
	DefaultExportDuration = 1 * time.Hour
	MinExportDuration     = 15 * time.Minute
	MaxExportDuration     = 24 * time.Hour


This section is empty.


func Validate

func Validate(conf *Config, getNow func() time.Time) error


type BigQueryConfig

type BigQueryConfig struct {
	Project             string
	Dataset             string
	ExportTable         string
	SyncTable           string
	PartitionExpiration Duration

type Config

type Config struct {
	// Deprecated: Use Provider instead
	Warehouse            string
	Provider             Provider
	FsApiToken           string
	ExportDuration       Duration
	ExportDelay          Duration
	AdditionalHttpHeader []Header
	Backoff              Duration
	BackoffStepsMax      int
	// Deprecated
	CheckInterval Duration
	TmpDir        string
	// Deprecated
	ListExportLimit int
	// Deprecated: use ExportDuration
	GroupFilesByDay bool
	SaveAsJson      bool
	StorageOnly     bool
	StartTime       time.Time

	// The segment to export. Defaults to the "everyone" segment, which will export all data.
	SegmentId string

	IncludeMobileAppsFields bool

	ApiURL string

	FilePrefix string

	// aws: s3 + redshift
	S3       S3Config
	Redshift RedshiftConfig

	// gcloud: GCS + BigQuery
	GCS      GCSConfig
	BigQuery BigQueryConfig

	// local filesystem: Local
	Local LocalConfig

func Load

func Load(filename string) (*Config, error)

type Duration

type Duration struct {

func (*Duration) UnmarshalText

func (d *Duration) UnmarshalText(text []byte) error

type GCSConfig

type GCSConfig struct {
	Bucket string
	// Deprecated: Use `StorageOnly` option at the main level
	GCSOnly bool
type Header struct {
	Key   string
	Value string

type LocalConfig

type LocalConfig struct {
	SaveDir string
	// Deprecated: Use `StartTime` in the base config instead
	StartTime time.Time
	// This forces the exports to start at the provided StartTime instead of using the
	// any sync file that might exist.
	UseStartTime bool

type Provider

type Provider string
const (
	LocalProvider Provider = "local"
	AWSProvider   Provider = "aws"
	GCProvider    Provider = "gcp"

type RedshiftConfig

type RedshiftConfig struct {
	Host           string
	Port           string
	DB             string
	User           string
	Password       string
	ExportTable    string
	SyncTable      string
	DatabaseSchema string
	Credentials    string
	VarCharMax     int
	S3Region       string `toml:"-"`

type S3Config

type S3Config struct {
	Bucket  string
	Region  string
	Timeout Duration
	// Deprecated: Use `StorageOnly` option instead
	S3Only bool

type StorageConfig added in v1.1.0

type StorageConfig struct {
	FilePrefix string `toml:"-"`

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