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Published: Aug 19, 2021 License: BSD-2-Clause Imports: 11 Imported by: 114



Package window abstracts a platform-specific window. Depending on the build tags it can be a GLFW desktop window or a browser WebGlCanvas.



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const (
	KeyUnknown      = Key(glfw.KeyUnknown)
	KeySpace        = Key(glfw.KeySpace)
	KeyApostrophe   = Key(glfw.KeyApostrophe)
	KeyComma        = Key(glfw.KeyComma)
	KeyMinus        = Key(glfw.KeyMinus)
	KeyPeriod       = Key(glfw.KeyPeriod)
	KeySlash        = Key(glfw.KeySlash)
	Key0            = Key(glfw.Key0)
	Key1            = Key(glfw.Key1)
	Key2            = Key(glfw.Key2)
	Key3            = Key(glfw.Key3)
	Key4            = Key(glfw.Key4)
	Key5            = Key(glfw.Key5)
	Key6            = Key(glfw.Key6)
	Key7            = Key(glfw.Key7)
	Key8            = Key(glfw.Key8)
	Key9            = Key(glfw.Key9)
	KeySemicolon    = Key(glfw.KeySemicolon)
	KeyEqual        = Key(glfw.KeyEqual)
	KeyA            = Key(glfw.KeyA)
	KeyB            = Key(glfw.KeyB)
	KeyC            = Key(glfw.KeyC)
	KeyD            = Key(glfw.KeyD)
	KeyE            = Key(glfw.KeyE)
	KeyF            = Key(glfw.KeyF)
	KeyG            = Key(glfw.KeyG)
	KeyH            = Key(glfw.KeyH)
	KeyI            = Key(glfw.KeyI)
	KeyJ            = Key(glfw.KeyJ)
	KeyK            = Key(glfw.KeyK)
	KeyL            = Key(glfw.KeyL)
	KeyM            = Key(glfw.KeyM)
	KeyN            = Key(glfw.KeyN)
	KeyO            = Key(glfw.KeyO)
	KeyP            = Key(glfw.KeyP)
	KeyQ            = Key(glfw.KeyQ)
	KeyR            = Key(glfw.KeyR)
	KeyS            = Key(glfw.KeyS)
	KeyT            = Key(glfw.KeyT)
	KeyU            = Key(glfw.KeyU)
	KeyV            = Key(glfw.KeyV)
	KeyW            = Key(glfw.KeyW)
	KeyX            = Key(glfw.KeyX)
	KeyY            = Key(glfw.KeyY)
	KeyZ            = Key(glfw.KeyZ)
	KeyLeftBracket  = Key(glfw.KeyLeftBracket)
	KeyBackslash    = Key(glfw.KeyBackslash)
	KeyRightBracket = Key(glfw.KeyRightBracket)
	KeyGraveAccent  = Key(glfw.KeyGraveAccent)
	KeyWorld1       = Key(glfw.KeyWorld1)
	KeyWorld2       = Key(glfw.KeyWorld2)
	KeyEscape       = Key(glfw.KeyEscape)
	KeyEnter        = Key(glfw.KeyEnter)
	KeyTab          = Key(glfw.KeyTab)
	KeyBackspace    = Key(glfw.KeyBackspace)
	KeyInsert       = Key(glfw.KeyInsert)
	KeyDelete       = Key(glfw.KeyDelete)
	KeyRight        = Key(glfw.KeyRight)
	KeyLeft         = Key(glfw.KeyLeft)
	KeyDown         = Key(glfw.KeyDown)
	KeyUp           = Key(glfw.KeyUp)
	KeyPageUp       = Key(glfw.KeyPageUp)
	KeyPageDown     = Key(glfw.KeyPageDown)
	KeyHome         = Key(glfw.KeyHome)
	KeyEnd          = Key(glfw.KeyEnd)
	KeyCapsLock     = Key(glfw.KeyCapsLock)
	KeyScrollLock   = Key(glfw.KeyScrollLock)
	KeyNumLock      = Key(glfw.KeyNumLock)
	KeyPrintScreen  = Key(glfw.KeyPrintScreen)
	KeyPause        = Key(glfw.KeyPause)
	KeyF1           = Key(glfw.KeyF1)
	KeyF2           = Key(glfw.KeyF2)
	KeyF3           = Key(glfw.KeyF3)
	KeyF4           = Key(glfw.KeyF4)
	KeyF5           = Key(glfw.KeyF5)
	KeyF6           = Key(glfw.KeyF6)
	KeyF7           = Key(glfw.KeyF7)
	KeyF8           = Key(glfw.KeyF8)
	KeyF9           = Key(glfw.KeyF9)
	KeyF10          = Key(glfw.KeyF10)
	KeyF11          = Key(glfw.KeyF11)
	KeyF12          = Key(glfw.KeyF12)
	KeyF13          = Key(glfw.KeyF13)
	KeyF14          = Key(glfw.KeyF14)
	KeyF15          = Key(glfw.KeyF15)
	KeyF16          = Key(glfw.KeyF16)
	KeyF17          = Key(glfw.KeyF17)
	KeyF18          = Key(glfw.KeyF18)
	KeyF19          = Key(glfw.KeyF19)
	KeyF20          = Key(glfw.KeyF20)
	KeyF21          = Key(glfw.KeyF21)
	KeyF22          = Key(glfw.KeyF22)
	KeyF23          = Key(glfw.KeyF23)
	KeyF24          = Key(glfw.KeyF24)
	KeyF25          = Key(glfw.KeyF25)
	KeyKP0          = Key(glfw.KeyKP0)
	KeyKP1          = Key(glfw.KeyKP1)
	KeyKP2          = Key(glfw.KeyKP2)
	KeyKP3          = Key(glfw.KeyKP3)
	KeyKP4          = Key(glfw.KeyKP4)
	KeyKP5          = Key(glfw.KeyKP5)
	KeyKP6          = Key(glfw.KeyKP6)
	KeyKP7          = Key(glfw.KeyKP7)
	KeyKP8          = Key(glfw.KeyKP8)
	KeyKP9          = Key(glfw.KeyKP9)
	KeyKPDecimal    = Key(glfw.KeyKPDecimal)
	KeyKPDivide     = Key(glfw.KeyKPDivide)
	KeyKPMultiply   = Key(glfw.KeyKPMultiply)
	KeyKPSubtract   = Key(glfw.KeyKPSubtract)
	KeyKPAdd        = Key(glfw.KeyKPAdd)
	KeyKPEnter      = Key(glfw.KeyKPEnter)
	KeyKPEqual      = Key(glfw.KeyKPEqual)
	KeyLeftShift    = Key(glfw.KeyLeftShift)
	KeyLeftControl  = Key(glfw.KeyLeftControl)
	KeyLeftAlt      = Key(glfw.KeyLeftAlt)
	KeyLeftSuper    = Key(glfw.KeyLeftSuper)
	KeyRightShift   = Key(glfw.KeyRightShift)
	KeyRightControl = Key(glfw.KeyRightControl)
	KeyRightAlt     = Key(glfw.KeyRightAlt)
	KeyRightSuper   = Key(glfw.KeyRightSuper)
	KeyMenu         = Key(glfw.KeyMenu)
	KeyLast         = Key(glfw.KeyLast)


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const (
	ModShift   = ModifierKey(glfw.ModShift)
	ModControl = ModifierKey(glfw.ModControl)
	ModAlt     = ModifierKey(glfw.ModAlt)
	ModSuper   = ModifierKey(glfw.ModSuper)

Modifier keys

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const (
	MouseButton1      = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton1)
	MouseButton2      = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton2)
	MouseButton3      = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton3)
	MouseButton4      = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton4)
	MouseButton5      = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton5)
	MouseButton6      = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton6)
	MouseButton7      = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton7)
	MouseButton8      = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButton8)
	MouseButtonLast   = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButtonLast)
	MouseButtonLeft   = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButtonLeft)
	MouseButtonRight  = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButtonRight)
	MouseButtonMiddle = MouseButton(glfw.MouseButtonMiddle)

Mouse buttons

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const (
	CursorInputMode             = InputMode(glfw.CursorMode)             // See Cursor mode values
	StickyKeysInputMode         = InputMode(glfw.StickyKeysMode)         // Value can be either 1 or 0
	StickyMouseButtonsInputMode = InputMode(glfw.StickyMouseButtonsMode) // Value can be either 1 or 0

Input modes

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const (
	CursorNormal   = CursorMode(glfw.CursorNormal)
	CursorHidden   = CursorMode(glfw.CursorHidden)
	CursorDisabled = CursorMode(glfw.CursorDisabled)

Cursor mode values

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const (
	ArrowCursor = Cursor(iota)
	CursorLast = DiagResize2Cursor

Standard cursors for G3N.

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const (
	OnWindowPos  = "w.OnWindowPos"  //    x    |         |
	OnWindowSize = "w.OnWindowSize" //    x    |         |
	OnKeyUp      = "w.OnKeyUp"      //    x    |    x    |
	OnKeyDown    = "w.OnKeyDown"    //    x    |    x    |
	OnKeyRepeat  = "w.OnKeyRepeat"  //    x    |         |
	OnChar       = "w.OnChar"       //    x    |    x    |
	OnCursor     = "w.OnCursor"     //    x    |    x    |
	OnMouseUp    = "w.OnMouseUp"    //    x    |    x    |
	OnMouseDown  = "w.OnMouseDown"  //    x    |    x    |
	OnScroll     = "w.OnScroll"     //    x    |    x    |

Window event names. See availability per platform below ("x" indicates available).


This section is empty.


func Init added in v0.2.0

func Init(width, height int, title string) error

Init initializes the GlfwWindow singleton with the specified width, height, and title.


type CharEvent

type CharEvent struct {
	Char rune
	Mods ModifierKey

CharEvent describes a window char event

type Cursor added in v0.2.0

type Cursor int

Cursor corresponds to a g3n standard or user-created cursor icon.

type CursorEvent

type CursorEvent struct {
	Xpos float32
	Ypos float32
	Mods ModifierKey

CursorEvent describes a cursor position changed event

type CursorMode

type CursorMode int

InputMode corresponds to an input mode.

type GlfwWindow added in v0.2.0

type GlfwWindow struct {
	*glfw.Window    // Embedded GLFW window
	core.Dispatcher // Embedded event dispatcher
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GlfwWindow describes one glfw window

func (*GlfwWindow) CreateCursor added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) CreateCursor(imgFile string, xhot, yhot int) (Cursor, error)

CreateCursor creates a new custom cursor and returns an int handle.

func (*GlfwWindow) Destroy added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) Destroy()

Destroy destroys this window and its context

func (*GlfwWindow) DisposeAllCustomCursors added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) DisposeAllCustomCursors()

DisposeAllCursors deletes all existing custom cursors.

func (*GlfwWindow) DisposeCursor added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) DisposeCursor(cursor Cursor)

DisposeCursor deletes the existing custom cursor with the provided int handle.

func (*GlfwWindow) Fullscreen added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) Fullscreen() bool

Fullscreen returns whether this windows is currently fullscreen.

func (*GlfwWindow) GetScale added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) GetScale() (x float64, y float64)

Scale returns this window's DPI scale factor (FramebufferSize / Size)

func (*GlfwWindow) Gls added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) Gls() *gls.GLS

Gls returns the associated OpenGL state.

func (*GlfwWindow) PollEvents added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) PollEvents()

PollEvents process events in the event queue

func (*GlfwWindow) ScreenResolution added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) ScreenResolution(p interface{}) (width, height int)

ScreenResolution returns the screen resolution

func (*GlfwWindow) SetCursor added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) SetCursor(cursor Cursor)

SetCursor sets the window's cursor.

func (*GlfwWindow) SetFullscreen added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) SetFullscreen(full bool)

SetFullscreen sets this window as fullscreen on the primary monitor TODO allow for fullscreen with resolutions different than the monitor's

func (*GlfwWindow) SetSwapInterval added in v0.2.0

func (w *GlfwWindow) SetSwapInterval(interval int)

SetSwapInterval sets the number of screen updates to wait from the time SwapBuffer() is called before swapping the buffers and returning.

type IWindow

type IWindow interface {
	Gls() *gls.GLS
	GetFramebufferSize() (width int, height int)
	GetSize() (width int, height int)
	GetScale() (x float64, y float64)
	CreateCursor(imgFile string, xhot, yhot int) (Cursor, error)
	SetCursor(cursor Cursor)

IWindow is the interface for all windows

func Get added in v0.2.0

func Get() IWindow

Get returns the IWindow singleton.

type InputMode

type InputMode int

InputMode corresponds to an input mode.

type Key

type Key int

Key corresponds to a keyboard key.

type KeyEvent

type KeyEvent struct {
	Key  Key
	Mods ModifierKey

KeyEvent describes a window key event

type KeyState added in v0.2.0

type KeyState struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KeyState keeps track of the state of all keys.

func NewKeyState added in v0.2.0

func NewKeyState(win core.IDispatcher) *KeyState

NewKeyState returns a new KeyState object.

func (*KeyState) Dispose added in v0.2.0

func (ks *KeyState) Dispose()

Dispose unsubscribes from the window events.

func (*KeyState) Pressed added in v0.2.0

func (ks *KeyState) Pressed(k Key) bool

Pressed returns whether the specified key is currently pressed.

type ModifierKey

type ModifierKey int

ModifierKey corresponds to a set of modifier keys (bitmask).

type MouseButton

type MouseButton int

MouseButton corresponds to a mouse button.

type MouseEvent

type MouseEvent struct {
	Xpos   float32
	Ypos   float32
	Button MouseButton
	Mods   ModifierKey

MouseEvent describes a mouse event over the window

type PosEvent

type PosEvent struct {
	Xpos int
	Ypos int

PosEvent describes a windows position changed event

type ScrollEvent

type ScrollEvent struct {
	Xoffset float32
	Yoffset float32
	Mods    ModifierKey

ScrollEvent describes a scroll event

type SizeEvent

type SizeEvent struct {
	Width  int
	Height int

SizeEvent describers a window size changed event

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