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Published: Jul 7, 2021 License: Apache-2.0, BSD-3-Clause, MIT Imports: 13 Imported by: 0




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var DNSEntryType = (*api.DNSEntry)(nil)
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var DNSHostedZonePolicyType = (*api.DNSHostedZonePolicy)(nil)
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var DNSOwnerType = (*api.DNSOwner)(nil)
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var DNSProviderType = (*api.DNSProvider)(nil)


func DNSProviderKey

func DNSProviderKey(namespace, name string) resources.ObjectKey

func Match

func Match(hostname, domain string) bool

func MatchSet

func MatchSet(hostname string, domains utils.StringSet) int

func ProcessElements

func ProcessElements(elems Elements, exec Executor, processors int)

func SetLastUpdateTime

func SetLastUpdateTime(lastUptimeTime **metav1.Time)

SetLastUpdateTime sets the time wrapper to the current UTC time.


type DNSEntryObject

type DNSEntryObject struct {

func DNSEntry

func DNSEntry(o resources.Object) *DNSEntryObject

func (*DNSEntryObject) DNSEntry

func (this *DNSEntryObject) DNSEntry() *api.DNSEntry

func (*DNSEntryObject) GetCNameLookupInterval

func (this *DNSEntryObject) GetCNameLookupInterval() *int64

func (*DNSEntryObject) GetDNSName

func (this *DNSEntryObject) GetDNSName() string

func (*DNSEntryObject) GetOwnerId

func (this *DNSEntryObject) GetOwnerId() *string

func (*DNSEntryObject) GetTTL

func (this *DNSEntryObject) GetTTL() *int64

func (*DNSEntryObject) GetTargets

func (this *DNSEntryObject) GetTargets() []string

func (*DNSEntryObject) Spec

func (this *DNSEntryObject) Spec() *api.DNSEntrySpec

func (*DNSEntryObject) Status

func (this *DNSEntryObject) Status() *api.DNSEntryStatus

func (*DNSEntryObject) StatusField

func (this *DNSEntryObject) StatusField() interface{}

type DNSHostedZonePolicyObject

type DNSHostedZonePolicyObject struct {

func (*DNSHostedZonePolicyObject) DNSHostedZonePolicyObject

func (this *DNSHostedZonePolicyObject) DNSHostedZonePolicyObject() *api.DNSHostedZonePolicy

func (*DNSHostedZonePolicyObject) Spec

func (*DNSHostedZonePolicyObject) Status

type DNSOwnerObject

type DNSOwnerObject struct {

func DNSOwner

func DNSOwner(o resources.Object) *DNSOwnerObject

func (*DNSOwnerObject) DNSOwner

func (this *DNSOwnerObject) DNSOwner() *api.DNSOwner

func (*DNSOwnerObject) GetCount

func (this *DNSOwnerObject) GetCount() int

func (*DNSOwnerObject) GetCounts

func (this *DNSOwnerObject) GetCounts() map[string]int

func (*DNSOwnerObject) GetOwnerId

func (this *DNSOwnerObject) GetOwnerId() string

func (*DNSOwnerObject) IsActive

func (this *DNSOwnerObject) IsActive() bool

func (*DNSOwnerObject) IsEnabled

func (this *DNSOwnerObject) IsEnabled() bool

func (*DNSOwnerObject) Spec

func (this *DNSOwnerObject) Spec() *api.DNSOwnerSpec

func (*DNSOwnerObject) ValidUntil

func (this *DNSOwnerObject) ValidUntil() *metav1.Time

type DNSProviderObject

type DNSProviderObject struct {

func DNSProvider

func DNSProvider(o resources.Object) *DNSProviderObject

func GetDNSProvider

func GetDNSProvider(src resources.ResourcesSource, namespace, name string) (*DNSProviderObject, error)

func (*DNSProviderObject) DNSProvider

func (this *DNSProviderObject) DNSProvider() *api.DNSProvider

func (*DNSProviderObject) SetSelection

func (this *DNSProviderObject) SetSelection(included, excluded utils.StringSet, target *api.DNSSelectionStatus) bool

func (*DNSProviderObject) SetState

func (this *DNSProviderObject) SetState(state, message string, commonMessagePrefix ...string) bool

func (*DNSProviderObject) SetStateWithError

func (this *DNSProviderObject) SetStateWithError(state string, err error) bool

func (*DNSProviderObject) Spec

func (this *DNSProviderObject) Spec() *api.DNSProviderSpec

func (*DNSProviderObject) Status

func (this *DNSProviderObject) Status() *api.DNSProviderStatus

func (*DNSProviderObject) StatusField

func (this *DNSProviderObject) StatusField() interface{}

func (*DNSProviderObject) TypeCode

func (this *DNSProviderObject) TypeCode() string

type Elements

type Elements []resources.Object

type Executor

type Executor func(resources.Object)

type LogMessage

type LogMessage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLogMessage

func NewLogMessage(msg string, args ...interface{}) *LogMessage

func (*LogMessage) Debugf

func (this *LogMessage) Debugf(logger logger.LogContext, add ...interface{}) bool

func (*LogMessage) Errorf

func (this *LogMessage) Errorf(logger logger.LogContext, add ...interface{}) bool

func (*LogMessage) Get

func (this *LogMessage) Get() string

func (*LogMessage) Infof

func (this *LogMessage) Infof(logger logger.LogContext, add ...interface{}) bool

func (*LogMessage) Warnf

func (this *LogMessage) Warnf(logger logger.LogContext, add ...interface{}) bool

type RateLimiter

type RateLimiter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRateLimiter

func NewRateLimiter(min, max, minincr time.Duration) *RateLimiter

func (*RateLimiter) Failed

func (this *RateLimiter) Failed()

func (*RateLimiter) RateLimit

func (this *RateLimiter) RateLimit() time.Duration

func (*RateLimiter) Succeeded

func (this *RateLimiter) Succeeded()

type Schedule

type Schedule struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSchedule

func NewSchedule(ctx context.Context, exec ScheduleExecutor) *Schedule

func (*Schedule) Delete

func (this *Schedule) Delete(key ScheduleKey)

func (*Schedule) List

func (this *Schedule) List() []ScheduleKey

func (*Schedule) ListSchedule

func (this *Schedule) ListSchedule() []ScheduleEntry

func (*Schedule) Reset

func (this *Schedule) Reset()

func (*Schedule) Schedule

func (this *Schedule) Schedule(key ScheduleKey, due time.Time)

func (*Schedule) ScheduleAfter

func (this *Schedule) ScheduleAfter(key ScheduleKey, due time.Duration)

type ScheduleEntry

type ScheduleEntry struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (ScheduleEntry) Due

func (this ScheduleEntry) Due() time.Time

func (ScheduleEntry) Key

func (this ScheduleEntry) Key() ScheduleKey

func (ScheduleEntry) String

func (this ScheduleEntry) String() string

type ScheduleExecutor

type ScheduleExecutor interface {
	Execute(key ScheduleKey)

type ScheduleExecutorFunction

type ScheduleExecutorFunction func(key ScheduleKey)

func (ScheduleExecutorFunction) Execute

func (this ScheduleExecutorFunction) Execute(key ScheduleKey)

type ScheduleKey

type ScheduleKey interface{}

type Timer

type Timer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTimer

func NewTimer(ctx context.Context, exec func(*Timer)) *Timer

func (*Timer) Next

func (this *Timer) Next(d time.Duration)

func (*Timer) Stop

func (this *Timer) Stop()

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