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var (
	// DefaultAddOptions are the default AddOptions for AddToManager.
	DefaultAddOptions = AddOptions{}
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var (
	// NewAzureClientFactory initializes a new AzureClientFactory. Exposed for testing.
	NewAzureClientFactory = newAzureClientFactory


func AddToManager

func AddToManager(mgr manager.Manager) error

AddToManager adds a controller with the default AddOptions.

func AddToManagerWithOptions

func AddToManagerWithOptions(mgr manager.Manager, options AddOptions) error

AddToManagerWithOptions adds a controller with the given AddOptions to the given manager. The opts.Reconciler is being set with a newly instantiated actuator.

func NewActuator

func NewActuator(disableProjectedTokenMount bool) infrastructure.Actuator

NewActuator creates a new infrastructure.Actuator.

func NoOpStateInitializer added in v1.15.2

func NoOpStateInitializer(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, namespace, name string, owner *metav1.OwnerReference) error

NoOpStateInitializer is a no-op StateConfigMapInitializerFunc.


type AddOptions

type AddOptions struct {
	// Controller are the controller.Options.
	Controller controller.Options
	// IgnoreOperationAnnotation specifies whether to ignore the operation annotation or not.
	IgnoreOperationAnnotation bool
	// DisableProjectedTokenMount specifies whether the projected token mount shall be disabled for the terraformer.
	// Used for testing only.
	DisableProjectedTokenMount bool

AddOptions are options to apply when adding the Azure infrastructure controller to the manager.

type InfrastructureState added in v1.27.0

type InfrastructureState struct {
	// SavedProviderStatus contains the infrastructure's ProviderStatus.
	SavedProviderStatus *runtime.RawExtension `json:"savedProviderStatus,omitempty"`
	// TerraformState contains the state of the applied terraform config.
	TerraformState *runtime.RawExtension `json:"terraformState,omitempty"`

InfrastructureState represents the last known State of an Infrastructure resource. It is saved after a reconciliation and used during restore operations.

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