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const (
	// PluginNameBastion is the name of the Bastion admission plugin.
	PluginNameBastion = "Bastion"
	// PluginNameControllerRegistrationResources is the name of the ControllerRegistrationResources admission plugin.
	PluginNameControllerRegistrationResources = "ControllerRegistrationResources"
	// PluginNameCustomVerbAuthorizer is the name of the CustomVerbAuthorizer admission plugin.
	PluginNameCustomVerbAuthorizer = "CustomVerbAuthorizer"
	// PluginNameDeletionConfirmation is the name of the DeletionConfirmation admission plugin.
	PluginNameDeletionConfirmation = "DeletionConfirmation"
	// PluginNameExtensionLabels is the name of the ExtensionLabels admission plugin.
	PluginNameExtensionLabels = "ExtensionLabels"
	// PluginNameExtensionValidator is the name of the ExtensionValidator admission plugin.
	PluginNameExtensionValidator = "ExtensionValidator"
	// PluginNameResourceReferenceManager is the name of the ResourceReferenceManager admission plugin.
	PluginNameResourceReferenceManager = "ResourceReferenceManager"
	// PluginNameManagedSeedShoot is the name of the ManagedSeedShoot admission plugin.
	PluginNameManagedSeedShoot = "ManagedSeedShoot"
	// PluginNameManagedSeed is the name of the ManagedSeed admission plugin.
	PluginNameManagedSeed = "ManagedSeed"
	// PluginNameProjectValidator is the name of the ProjectValidator admission plugin.
	PluginNameProjectValidator = "ProjectValidator"
	// PluginNameSeedValidator is the name of the SeedValidator admission plugin.
	PluginNameSeedValidator = "SeedValidator"
	// PluginNameShootDNS is the name of the ShootDNS admission plugin.
	PluginNameShootDNS = "ShootDNS"
	// PluginNameShootDNSRewriting is the name of the ShootDNSRewriting admission plugin.
	PluginNameShootDNSRewriting = "ShootDNSRewriting"
	// PluginNameShootExposureClass is the name of the ShootExposureClass admission plugin.
	PluginNameShootExposureClass = "ShootExposureClass"
	// PluginNameShootManagedSeed is the name of the ShootManagedSeed admission plugin.
	PluginNameShootManagedSeed = "ShootManagedSeed"
	// PluginNameShootNodeLocalDNSEnabledByDefault is the name of the ShootNodeLocalDNSEnabledByDefault admission plugin.
	PluginNameShootNodeLocalDNSEnabledByDefault = "ShootNodeLocalDNSEnabledByDefault"
	// PluginNameClusterOpenIDConnectPreset is the name of the ClusterOpenIDConnectPreset admission plugin.
	PluginNameClusterOpenIDConnectPreset = "ClusterOpenIDConnectPreset"
	// PluginNameOpenIDConnectPreset is the name of the OpenIDConnectPreset admission plugin.
	PluginNameOpenIDConnectPreset = "OpenIDConnectPreset"
	// PluginNameShootQuotaValidator is the name of the ShootQuotaValidator admission plugin.
	PluginNameShootQuotaValidator = "ShootQuotaValidator"
	// PluginNameShootTolerationRestriction is the name of the ShootTolerationRestriction admission plugin.
	PluginNameShootTolerationRestriction = "ShootTolerationRestriction"
	// PluginNameShootValidator is the name of the ShootValidator admission plugin.
	PluginNameShootValidator = "ShootValidator"
	// PluginNameShootVPAEnabledByDefault is the name of the ShootVPAEnabledByDefault admission plugin.
	PluginNameShootVPAEnabledByDefault = "ShootVPAEnabledByDefault"


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func AllPluginNames

func AllPluginNames() []string

AllPluginNames returns the names of all plugins.

func DefaultOnPlugins

func DefaultOnPlugins() sets.Set[string]

DefaultOnPlugins is the set of admission plugins that are enabled by default.


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