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var (
	IMWorkerChan   chan int
	SmsWorkerChan  chan int
	MailWorkerChan chan int


func BuildCommonIMContent

func BuildCommonIMContent(event *model.Event) string

func BuildCommonMailContent

func BuildCommonMailContent(event *model.Event) string

func BuildCommonSMSContent

func BuildCommonSMSContent(event *model.Event) string

func Callback

func Callback(event *model.Event, action *api.Action) string

func CleanExpiredEvent

func CleanExpiredEvent()

func CombineIM

func CombineIM()

func CombineMail

func CombineMail()

func CombineSms

func CombineSms()

func ConsumeIM

func ConsumeIM()

func ConsumeMail

func ConsumeMail()

func ConsumeSms

func ConsumeSms()

func GenerateIMContent

func GenerateIMContent(event *model.Event) string

func GenerateMailContent

func GenerateMailContent(event *model.Event) string

func GenerateSmsContent

func GenerateSmsContent(event *model.Event) string

func HandleCallback

func HandleCallback(event *model.Event, action *api.Action)

func InitSenderWorker

func InitSenderWorker()

func ParseUserIm

func ParseUserIm(event *cmodel.Event, action *api.Action)

func ParseUserMail

func ParseUserMail(event *cmodel.Event, action *api.Action)

func ParseUserSms

func ParseUserSms(event *cmodel.Event, action *api.Action)

func ReadHighEvent

func ReadHighEvent()

func ReadLowEvent

func ReadLowEvent()

func SendIM

func SendIM(im *model.IM)

func SendIMList

func SendIMList(L []*model.IM)

func SendMail

func SendMail(mail *model.Mail)

func SendMailList

func SendMailList(L []*model.Mail)

func SendSms

func SendSms(sms *model.Sms)

func SendSmsList

func SendSmsList(L []*model.Sms)


type ImDto

type ImDto struct {
	Priority int    `json:"priority"`
	Metric   string `json:"metric"`
	Content  string `json:"content"`
	IM       string `json:"im"`
	Status   string `json:"status"`

type MailDto

type MailDto struct {
	Priority int    `json:"priority"`
	Metric   string `json:"metric"`
	Subject  string `json:"subject"`
	Content  string `json:"content"`
	Email    string `json:"email"`
	Status   string `json:"status"`

type SmsDto

type SmsDto struct {
	Priority int    `json:"priority"`
	Metric   string `json:"metric"`
	Content  string `json:"content"`
	Phone    string `json:"phone"`
	Status   string `json:"status"`

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