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func GetAESPrefixTransformer

func GetAESPrefixTransformer(config *apiserverconfig.AESConfiguration, fn BlockTransformerFunc, prefix string) (value.PrefixTransformer, error)

GetAESPrefixTransformer returns a prefix transformer from the provided configuration. Returns an AES transformer based on the provided prefix and block transformer.

func GetPrefixTransformers

func GetPrefixTransformers(config *apiserverconfig.ResourceConfiguration) ([]value.PrefixTransformer, error)

GetPrefixTransformers constructs and returns the appropriate prefix transformers for the passed resource using its configuration.

func GetSecretboxPrefixTransformer

func GetSecretboxPrefixTransformer(config *apiserverconfig.SecretboxConfiguration) (value.PrefixTransformer, error)

GetSecretboxPrefixTransformer returns a prefix transformer from the provided configuration

func GetTransformerOverrides

func GetTransformerOverrides(filepath string) (map[schema.GroupResource]value.Transformer, error)

GetTransformerOverrides returns the transformer overrides by reading and parsing the encryption provider configuration file

func ParseEncryptionConfiguration

func ParseEncryptionConfiguration(f io.Reader) (map[schema.GroupResource]value.Transformer, error)

ParseEncryptionConfiguration parses configuration data and returns the transformer overrides


type BlockTransformerFunc

type BlockTransformerFunc func(cipher.Block) value.Transformer

BlockTransformerFunc takes an AES cipher block and returns a value transformer.

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