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type Posting

type Posting struct {
	Account string
	Amount  string

Posting represents an account the movement of value into or out of it.

func (Posting) String

func (p Posting) String() string

type Transaction

type Transaction struct {
	Line     int
	Date     time.Time
	Payee    string
	Comment  string
	Postings []Posting

Transaction represents the movement of value between one or more accounts

func ParseLedger

func ParseLedger(reader io.Reader) (ledger []Transaction, err error)

ParseLedger parses a Register file. It is expected to be in exactly the format that is output by reckon (

func (Transaction) String

func (t Transaction) String() string

func (*Transaction) Validate

func (t *Transaction) Validate() (err error)

Validate checks to see if we have what appears to be a full transaction

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