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Package avfilter contains methods that deal with ffmpeg filters filters in the same linear chain are separated by commas, and distinct linear chains of filters are separated by semicolons. FFmpeg is enabled through the "C" libavfilter library



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func AvfilterConfigLinks(f *Context) int

Negotiate the media format, dimensions, etc of all inputs to a filter.

func AvfilterConfiguration

func AvfilterConfiguration() string

Return the libavfilter build-time configuration.

func AvfilterGraphCreateFilter

func AvfilterGraphCreateFilter(cx **Context, f *Filter, n, a string, o int, g *Graph) int

Create and add a filter instance into an existing graph.

func AvfilterInoutFree

func AvfilterInoutFree(i *Input)

Free the supplied list of Input and set *inout to NULL.

func AvfilterInsertFilter

func AvfilterInsertFilter(l *Link, f *Context, fsi, fdi uint) int

Insert a filter in the middle of an existing link.

func AvfilterLicense

func AvfilterLicense() string

Return the libavfilter license.

func AvfilterLink(s *Context, sp uint, d *Context, dp uint) int

Link two filters together.

func AvfilterLinkFree

func AvfilterLinkFree(l **Link)

Free the link in *link, and set its pointer to NULL.

func AvfilterLinkGetChannels

func AvfilterLinkGetChannels(l *Link) int

Get the number of channels of a link.

func AvfilterLinkSetClosed

func AvfilterLinkSetClosed(l *Link, c int)

Set the closed field of a link.

func AvfilterPadCount

func AvfilterPadCount(p *Pad) int

Get the number of elements in a NULL-terminated array of Pads (e.g.

func AvfilterPadGetName

func AvfilterPadGetName(p *Pad, pi int) string

Get the name of an Pad.

func AvfilterProcessCommand

func AvfilterProcessCommand(f *Context, cmd, arg, res string, l, fl int) int

Make the filter instance process a command.

func AvfilterRegisterAll

func AvfilterRegisterAll()

Initialize the filter system.

func AvfilterVersion

func AvfilterVersion() uint

Return the LIBAvFILTER_VERSION_INT constant.


type Class

type Class C.struct_AVClass

func AvfilterGetClass

func AvfilterGetClass() *Class


type Context

type Context C.struct_AVFilterContext

func (*Context) AvfilterFree

func (ctx *Context) AvfilterFree()

Free a filter context.

func (*Context) AvfilterInitDict

func (ctx *Context) AvfilterInitDict(o **Dictionary) int

Initialize a filter with the supplied dictionary of options.

func (*Context) AvfilterInitStr

func (ctx *Context) AvfilterInitStr(args string) int

Initialize a filter with the supplied parameters.

type Dictionary

type Dictionary C.struct_AVDictionary

type Filter

type Filter C.struct_AVFilter

func AvfilterGetByName

func AvfilterGetByName(n string) *Filter

Get a filter definition matching the given name.

func (*Filter) AvfilterNext

func (f *Filter) AvfilterNext() *Filter

Iterate over all registered filters.

func (*Filter) AvfilterRegister

func (f *Filter) AvfilterRegister() int

Register a filter.

type Graph

type Graph C.struct_AVFilterGraph

func AvfilterGraphAlloc

func AvfilterGraphAlloc() *Graph

Allocate a filter graph.

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphAllocFilter

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphAllocFilter(f *Filter, n string) *Context

Create a new filter instance in a filter graph.

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphConfig

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphConfig(l int) int

Check validity and configure all the links and formats in the graph.

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphDump

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphDump(o string) string

Dump a graph into a human-readable string representation.

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphFree

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphFree()

Free a graph, destroy its links, and set *graph to NULL.

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphGetFilter

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphGetFilter(n string) *Context

Get a filter instance identified by instance name from graph.

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphParse

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphParse(f string, i, o *Input, l int) int

Add a graph described by a string to a graph.

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphParse2

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphParse2(f string, i, o **Input) int

Add a graph described by a string to a graph.

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphParsePtr

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphParsePtr(f string, i, o **Input, l int) int

Add a graph described by a string to a graph.

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphQueueCommand

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphQueueCommand(t, cmd, arg string, f int, ts C.double) int

Queue a command for one or more filter instances.

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphRequestOldestlink() int

Request a frame on the oldest sink

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphSendCommand

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphSendCommand(t, cmd, arg, res string, resl, f int) int

Send a command to one or more filter instances.

func (*Graph) AvfilterGraphSetAutoConvert

func (g *Graph) AvfilterGraphSetAutoConvert(f uint)

Enable or disable automatic format conversion inside the graph.

type Input

type Input C.struct_AVFilterInOut

func AvfilterInoutAlloc

func AvfilterInoutAlloc() *Input

Allocate a single Input entry.

type MediaType

type MediaType C.enum_AVMediaType

func AvfilterPadGetType

func AvfilterPadGetType(p *Pad, pi int) MediaType

Get the type of an Pad.

type Pad

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