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Package fall handles the fallthrough logic used in plugins that support it.



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var Root = func() F {
	return F{[]string{"."}}

Root returns F set to only ".".

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var Zero = func() F {
	return F{[]string{}}

Zero returns a zero valued F.


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type F

type F struct {
	Zones []string

F can be nil to allow for no fallthrough, empty allow all zones to fallthrough or contain a zone list that is checked.

func (F) Equal

func (f F) Equal(g F) bool

Equal returns true if f and g are equal.

func (*F) SetZonesFromArgs

func (f *F) SetZonesFromArgs(zones []string)

SetZonesFromArgs sets zones in f to the passed value or to "." if the slice is empty.

func (F) Through

func (f F) Through(qname string) bool

Through will check if we should fallthrough for qname. Note that we've named the variable in each plugin "Fall", so this then reads Fall.Through().

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