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var (
	// ErrBlobDigestMismatch is returned when PutBlob() is given a blob
	// with a digest-based name that doesn't match its contents.
	ErrBlobDigestMismatch = errors.New("blob digest mismatch")
	// ErrBlobSizeMismatch is returned when PutBlob() is given a blob
	// with an expected size that doesn't match the reader.
	ErrBlobSizeMismatch = errors.New("blob size mismatch")
	// ErrNoManifestLists is returned when GetTargetManifest() is
	// called.
	ErrNoManifestLists = errors.New("manifest lists are not supported by this transport")
	// ErrNoSuchImage is returned when we attempt to access an image which
	// doesn't exist in the storage area.
	ErrNoSuchImage = storage.ErrNotAnImage
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var (
	// Transport is an ImageTransport that uses either a default
	// storage.Store or one that's it's explicitly told to use.
	Transport StoreTransport = &storageTransport{}
	// ErrInvalidReference is returned when ParseReference() is passed an
	// empty reference.
	ErrInvalidReference = errors.New("invalid reference")
	// ErrPathNotAbsolute is returned when a graph root is not an absolute
	// path name.
	ErrPathNotAbsolute = errors.New("path name is not absolute")


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type StoreTransport

type StoreTransport interface {
	// SetStore sets the default store for this transport.
	// GetImage retrieves the image from the transport's store that's named
	// by the reference.
	GetImage(types.ImageReference) (*storage.Image, error)
	// GetStoreImage retrieves the image from a specified store that's named
	// by the reference.
	GetStoreImage(storage.Store, types.ImageReference) (*storage.Image, error)
	// ParseStoreReference parses a reference, overriding any store
	// specification that it may contain.
	ParseStoreReference(store storage.Store, reference string) (*storageReference, error)

StoreTransport is an ImageTransport that uses a storage.Store to parse references, either its own default or one that it's told to use.

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