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Package reference is a fork of the upstream docker/docker/reference package. The package is forked because we need consistency especially when storing and checking signatures (RH patches break this consistency because they modify docker/docker/reference as part of a patch carried in projectatomic/docker). The version of this package is v1.12.1 from upstream, update as necessary.



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const (
	// DefaultTag defines the default tag used when performing images related actions and no tag or digest is specified
	DefaultTag = "latest"
	// DefaultHostname is the default built-in hostname
	DefaultHostname = ""
	// LegacyDefaultHostname is automatically converted to DefaultHostname
	LegacyDefaultHostname = ""
	// DefaultRepoPrefix is the prefix used for default repositories in default host
	DefaultRepoPrefix = "library/"


This section is empty.


func IsNameOnly

func IsNameOnly(ref Named) bool

IsNameOnly returns true if reference only contains a repo name.


type Canonical

type Canonical interface {
	Digest() digest.Digest

Canonical reference is an object with a fully unique name including a name with hostname and digest

type Named

type Named interface {
	// Name returns normalized repository name, like "ubuntu".
	Name() string
	// String returns full reference, like "ubuntu@sha256:abcdef..."
	String() string
	// FullName returns full repository name with hostname, like ""
	FullName() string
	// Hostname returns hostname for the reference, like ""
	Hostname() string
	// RemoteName returns the repository component of the full name, like "library/ubuntu"
	RemoteName() string

Named is an object with a full name

func ParseIDOrReference

func ParseIDOrReference(idOrRef string) (digest.Digest, Named, error)

ParseIDOrReference parses string for an image ID or a reference. ID can be without a default prefix.

func ParseNamed

func ParseNamed(s string) (Named, error)

ParseNamed parses s and returns a syntactically valid reference implementing the Named interface. The reference must have a name, otherwise an error is returned. If an error was encountered it is returned, along with a nil Reference.

func WithDefaultTag

func WithDefaultTag(ref Named) Named

WithDefaultTag adds a default tag to a reference if it only has a repo name.

func WithName

func WithName(name string) (Named, error)

WithName returns a named object representing the given string. If the input is invalid ErrReferenceInvalidFormat will be returned.

type NamedTagged

type NamedTagged interface {
	Tag() string

NamedTagged is an object including a name and tag.

func WithTag

func WithTag(name Named, tag string) (NamedTagged, error)

WithTag combines the name from "name" and the tag from "tag" to form a reference incorporating both the name and the tag.

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