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Package noop provides support for NOOP (No Operation) request tracing mechanisms.



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type Span

type Span struct{}

Span represents tracing span based on NOOP request tracing.

func (*Span) Finish

func (s *Span) Finish()

Finish stops tracing span.

func (*Span) Log

func (s *Span) Log(event string)

Log logs tracing span event.

func (*Span) LogWithFields

func (s *Span) LogWithFields(event string, fields map[string]interface{})

LogWithFields logs tracing span with event name and fields.

func (*Span) SetTag

func (s *Span) SetTag(key string, value interface{})

SetTag sets tag on tracing span.

type Tracer

type Tracer struct{}

Tracer represents tracing mechanism based on NOOP request tracing.

func NewTracer

func NewTracer() *Tracer

NewTracer creates an instance of tracer based on NOOP request tracing.

func (*Tracer) ContextWithSpan

func (t *Tracer) ContextWithSpan(ctx context.Context, span trace.Span) context.Context

ContextWithSpan creates context with tracing span.

func (*Tracer) Dispose

func (t *Tracer) Dispose()

Dispose cleans up NOOP tracer instance.

func (*Tracer) ExtractSpan

func (t *Tracer) ExtractSpan(name string, format interface{}, carrier interface{}) (trace.Span, error)

ExtractSpan extracts tracing span in particular format from carrier.

func (*Tracer) InjectSpan

func (t *Tracer) InjectSpan(s trace.Span, format interface{}, carrier interface{}) error

InjectSpan injects tracing span in particular format into carrier.

func (*Tracer) SpanFromContext

func (t *Tracer) SpanFromContext(ctx context.Context) trace.Span

SpanFromContext creates tracing span from context.

func (*Tracer) StartSpan

func (t *Tracer) StartSpan(name string) trace.Span

StartSpan starts tracing span with name.

func (*Tracer) StartSpanFromContext

func (t *Tracer) StartSpanFromContext(ctx context.Context, name string) (trace.Span, context.Context)

StartSpanFromContext starts tracing span with name from context.

func (*Tracer) StartSpanWithParent

func (t *Tracer) StartSpanWithParent(name string, parent trace.Span) trace.Span

StartSpanWithParent starts tracing span with parent span and name.

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