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type Table

type Table struct {
	sync.Mutex // only needed for the multiple writers

	SpoolDir string

	In chan []byte `json:"-"` // channel api to trade in some performance for encapsulation, for aggregators
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func InitFromConfig

func InitFromConfig(config cfg.Config, meta toml.MetaData) (*Table, error)

func New

func New(config cfg.Config) *Table

func (*Table) AddAggregator

func (table *Table) AddAggregator(agg *aggregator.Aggregator)

func (*Table) AddBlacklist

func (table *Table) AddBlacklist(matcher *matcher.Matcher)

func (*Table) AddRewriter

func (table *Table) AddRewriter(rw rewriter.RW)

func (*Table) AddRoute

func (table *Table) AddRoute(route route.Route)

AddRoute adds a route to the table. The Route must be running already

func (*Table) Bad

func (table *Table) Bad() *badmetrics.BadMetrics

func (*Table) DelAggregator

func (table *Table) DelAggregator(id int) error

func (*Table) DelBlacklist

func (table *Table) DelBlacklist(index int) error

func (*Table) DelDestination

func (table *Table) DelDestination(key string, index int) error

func (*Table) DelRewriter

func (table *Table) DelRewriter(id int) error

func (*Table) DelRoute

func (table *Table) DelRoute(key string) error

idempotent semantics, not existing is fine

func (*Table) Dispatch

func (table *Table) Dispatch(buf []byte)

Dispatch is the entrypoint to send data into the table. it dispatches incoming metrics into matching aggregators and routes, after checking against the blacklist buf is assumed to have no whitespace at the end

func (*Table) DispatchAggregate

func (table *Table) DispatchAggregate(buf []byte)

DispatchAggregate dispatches aggregation output by routing metrics into the matching routes. buf is assumed to have no whitespace at the end

func (*Table) Flush

func (table *Table) Flush() error

func (*Table) GetIn

func (table *Table) GetIn() chan []byte

func (*Table) GetRoute

func (table *Table) GetRoute(key string) route.Route

func (*Table) GetSpoolDir

func (table *Table) GetSpoolDir() string

func (*Table) IncNumInvalid

func (table *Table) IncNumInvalid()

This is used by inputs to record invalid packets It also increments numIn so that it reflects the overall total

func (*Table) InitAggregation

func (table *Table) InitAggregation(config cfg.Config) error

func (*Table) InitBadMetrics

func (table *Table) InitBadMetrics(config cfg.Config) error

func (*Table) InitBlacklist

func (table *Table) InitBlacklist(config cfg.Config) error

func (*Table) InitCmd

func (table *Table) InitCmd(config cfg.Config) error

func (*Table) InitRewrite

func (table *Table) InitRewrite(config cfg.Config) error

func (*Table) InitRoutes

func (table *Table) InitRoutes(config cfg.Config, meta toml.MetaData) error

func (*Table) Print

func (table *Table) Print() (str string)

func (*Table) Shutdown

func (table *Table) Shutdown() error

func (*Table) Snapshot

func (table *Table) Snapshot() TableSnapshot

to view the state of the table/route at any point in time we might add more functions to view specific entries if the need for that appears

func (*Table) UpdateDestination

func (table *Table) UpdateDestination(key string, index int, opts map[string]string) error

func (*Table) UpdateRoute

func (table *Table) UpdateRoute(key string, opts map[string]string) error

type TableConfig

type TableConfig struct {
	Validation_level_legacy validate.LevelLegacy
	Validation_level_m20    validate.LevelM20
	Validate_order          bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type TableSnapshot

type TableSnapshot struct {
	Rewriters   []rewriter.RW            `json:"rewriters"`
	Aggregators []*aggregator.Aggregator `json:"aggregators"`
	Blacklist   []*matcher.Matcher       `json:"blacklist"`
	Routes      []route.Snapshot         `json:"routes"`
	SpoolDir    string

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