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func CompleteRouterSetup

func CompleteRouterSetup(app *firebase.App) (handler http.Handler)

CompleteRouterSetup Sets up all routing used by the backend, function public for tests wanting to do full E2E tests

func DeleteTrack

func DeleteTrack(app *firebase.App, trackID string, uid string) (httpCode int, err error)

DeleteTrack deletes the track from storage and firestore

func GetTrack

func GetTrack(app *firebase.App, trackID string, uid string) (data []byte, err error)

GetTrack gets a track file from the Firebase Storage based on TrackID in metadata

func GetTracks

func GetTracks(app *firebase.App, query models.FirebaseQuery) (data []models.IgcMetadata, err error)

GetTracks gets a list of IgcMetadata from Firebase based on query

func InsertTrackPoint

func InsertTrackPoint(app *firebase.App, trackID string, uid string, data []models.TrackPoint) (updated models.IgcMetadata, err error)

InsertTrackPoint Inserts TrackPoint data for caching in the database

func ProcessUploadRequest

func ProcessUploadRequest(app *firebase.App, r *http.Request) (httpCode int, md models.IgcMetadata, err error)

ProcessUploadRequest - Actual processing of the file upload Inspiration:

func TakeOwnership

func TakeOwnership(app *firebase.App, trackID string, uid string) (own models.IgcMetadata, err error)

TakeOwnership Takes ownership of a track owned by the ScraperUID

func UpdatePrivacy

func UpdatePrivacy(app *firebase.App, trackID string, uid string, newSetting bool) (updated models.IgcMetadata, err error)

UpdatePrivacy Updates privacy setting to new variable


type Context

type Context struct {
	App *firebase.App

Context contains the Context of a Client session. Holds a instance of a firebase App.

type DbHandler

type DbHandler struct {
	Ctx              Context
	InsertTrack      string
	GetTracks        string
	GetTrack         string
	DeleteTrack      string
	UpdatePrivacy    string
	TakeOwnership    string
	InsertTrackPoint string

DbHandler holds the context and routes for this handler.

func (DbHandler) Bind

func (dbHandler DbHandler) Bind(r *mux.Router)

Bind sets up the routes to the mux router.

type MuxRouteBinder

type MuxRouteBinder interface {
	Bind(r *mux.Router)

MuxRouteBinder contains methods for binding routes to a router.

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