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const (
	WsDefaultPingInterval   = 30 * time.Second
	WsDefaultPingTimeout    = 60 * time.Second
	WsDefaultReceiveTimeout = 60 * time.Second
	WsDefaultSendTimeout    = 60 * time.Second
	WsDefaultBufferSize     = 1024 * 32


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var (
	ErrorBinaryMessage     = errors.New("Binary messages are not supported")
	ErrorBadBuffer         = errors.New("Buffer error")
	ErrorPacketWrong       = errors.New("Wrong packet type error")
	ErrorMethodNotAllowed  = errors.New("Method not allowed")
	ErrorHttpUpgradeFailed = errors.New("Http upgrade failed")


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type Connection

type Connection interface {
	Receive one more message, block until received
	GetMessage() (message string, err error)

	Send given message, block until sent
	WriteMessage(message string) error

	Close current connection

	Get ping time interval and ping request timeout
	PingParams() (interval, timeout time.Duration)

* End-point connection for given transport

type Transport

type Transport interface {
	Get client connection
	Connect(url string) (conn Connection, err error)

	Handle one server connection
	HandleConnection(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) (conn Connection, err error)

	Serve HTTP request after making connection and events setup
	Serve(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

* Connection factory for given transport

type WebsocketConnection

type WebsocketConnection struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*WebsocketConnection) Close

func (wsc *WebsocketConnection) Close()

func (*WebsocketConnection) GetMessage

func (wsc *WebsocketConnection) GetMessage() (message string, err error)

func (*WebsocketConnection) PingParams

func (wsc *WebsocketConnection) PingParams() (interval, timeout time.Duration)

func (*WebsocketConnection) WriteMessage

func (wsc *WebsocketConnection) WriteMessage(message string) error

type WebsocketTransport

type WebsocketTransport struct {
	PingInterval   time.Duration
	PingTimeout    time.Duration
	ReceiveTimeout time.Duration
	SendTimeout    time.Duration

	BufferSize int

	RequestHeader http.Header

func GetDefaultWebsocketTransport

func GetDefaultWebsocketTransport() *WebsocketTransport

* Returns websocket connection with default params

func (*WebsocketTransport) Connect

func (wst *WebsocketTransport) Connect(url string) (conn Connection, err error)

func (*WebsocketTransport) HandleConnection

func (wst *WebsocketTransport) HandleConnection(
	w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) (conn Connection, err error)

func (*WebsocketTransport) Serve

* Websocket connection do not require any additional processing

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